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Smokey and the Bandit

Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, Jerry Reed, Mike Henry, Paul Williams, Pat McCormick, Alfie Wise, George Reynolds, Macon McCalman, Linda McClure, Susan McIver, Laura Lizer Sommers, Michael Mann, Lamar Jackson, Ronnie Gay, Quinnon Sheffield, Jackie Gleason
marijuana-lysergic acid diethylamide
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Big Enos tells Little Enos, “Son, from what I’ve heard the biggest thing about the Bandit is his ego...” (0:03)

Little Enos tells Big Enos, “Egotistical son of a bitch.”
Driver Bandit: ”That’s great psychology.” (0:04)

Tuck driver Cledus tells Bandit, “You’re crazy.”

”That’ll confuse everybody.”
Bandit: ”That’ll confuse’em.” (0:09)

Cledus: tells his dog, Fred, I hope we ain’t let Bandit talk us into somethin’ we gonna be sorry for, son, ‘cause he’s about as crazy as you are ugly.” (0:15)

Dancer Carrie: “You think I’m nuts, don’t you?”
Bandit: “No, I don’t think you’re crazy.” (0:25)

Cledus tells Bandit by C.B. radio, referring to Smokey, “That crazy sombitch just tried to drive right up under my truck.” (0:32)

Smokey tells Bandit, “I been chasin’ a goddamn maniac all the way from Texarkana, Texas.” (0:42)

Bandit tells Carrie, “Well, I used to do some crazy things.” (0:51)

Cledus: “You're drivin’ me crazy, Fred. You’re just drivin’ me crazy.” (0:53)

Smokey tells a local man, referring to Bandit, “He’s a mental case.” (0:59)

Smokey tells a state patrol officer, “That vehicle happens to be... evidence that’s going to convict a maniac...” (1:11)

Carrie tells Bandit, “Actually my heaviest relationship was with an acid rock singer...” (1:12)

By C.B. Cledus asks Bandit, “What, are you crazy or somethin’?” (1:29)

Cledus asks Bandit, “You’re crazy...” (1:31)