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Snakes on a Plane

Samuel L. Jackson, Julianna Margulies, Nathan Phillips, Rachel Blanchard, Flex Alexander, Kenan Thompson, Keith Dallas, Lin Shaye
Howard Hughes | alprazolam | Xanax | crack cocaine | marijuana
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FBI agent Neville tells surfer and dirt bike racer Sean, “You know, good cop, bad cop, reverse psychology, stare-down contests, threats.” (0:07)

His bodyguard Troy tells his other bodyguard Big Leroy, referring to rapper Three Gs, “Look at the Howard Hughes of rap.” (0:10)

Passenger Mercedes tells passengers Ashley and Tyler, referring to her chihuahua Mary Kate, “Sorry, she gets nervous flying.”
Male passenger: “Do you think she’ll want some Xanax?” (0:11)

By telephone his henchman tells crime boss Eddie, “The pheromone will make these guys go... crazy.” (0:13)

Agent Hank tells Neville, “No more junk food hangovers...” (0:16)

Troy tells flight attendant Tiffany, referring to Three Gs, “Man don’t like to be touched.” (0:18)

Neville tells flight attendant Claire, “Don’t stress it.” (0:26)

Passengers Kelly and Kyle share a joint in the lavatory. (0:29)

Mercedes tells Three Gs, referring to Mary Kate, “Her doctor says she’s bipolar.” (0:34)

Agent John tells Neville, “I’ve got ophidiophobia, fear of snakes.” (0:41)

Neville tells John, “You’re having a panic attack.” (0:49)

Neville grieves when he realizes John has died. (0:50)

Hank asks Neville by radio and telephone, “What kind of insane plan is that?” (0:51)

By radio and telephone herpetologist Steven tells Neville, referring to the snakes, “Something up there is making them go crazy.”
”It could also provoke serious hyper aggression, like some kind of drug.”
Neville: “Snakes on crack.” (0:57)

Passenger: “How could you imbeciles let...” (0:57)

Neville, “Now you can stand there, and be the panicked, angry mob...“ (0:59)

Tiffany and Claire grieve when they realize flight attendant Grace has died. (1:14) 

Claire tells Neville, “I went through a pyromaniac phase as a kid.” (1:16)

Steven asks young Curtis, referring to the picture he drew, “That’s a cobra, like Indiana Jones?” (1:35)

Neville tells Sean, “Before everything gets crazy out there I want to say thanks.” (1:36)