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So Proudly We Hail!

Claudette Colbert, Paulette Goddard, Veronica Lake, George Reeves, Barbara Britton, Yvonne De Carlo, Walter Abel, Sonny Tufts, Ted Hecht
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Nurse Olivia tells nurse Davy about the death of her fiance. (0:35)

A nurse asks, “You got morphine?” (0:53)

Olivia tells Davy “At least I don’t want to die anymore.” (0:55)

Soldier John tells Davy, “You’re a perfect sedative.” (0:57)

A nurse tells the others, “If somebody doesn’t come, we’d better all kill ourselves.” (1:04)

Olivia detonates a hand grenade while holding it when Japanese soldiers surround her, killing the soldiers and herself. Altruistic suicide? (1:00)

Davy tells John, “For a minute I thought I was hearing voices.” (1:13)

Soldier Archie dies. His mother, commanding nurse Ma, grieves. She tells Davy, “I bore a son, and he’s dead.” (1:16)

Nurse Sadie tells Davy, referring to nurse Joan, “She fainted.”
Joan tells Davy, referring to her conviction that she contributed to Olivia’s suicide, “All I do is dream about Livvie.”
Joan: ”You know that’s the first time in my life that I’ve fainted.” (1:22)

The doctor tells the others, preparing to remove schrapnel from John’s leg, “Sorry, we have no anesthetic here.”
Davy tells the surgeon, referring to John, “He’s fainted.” (1:34)

Ma tells Chaplain Frank, referring to the general, “I told him I needed to get drunk...” (1:46)

Ma tells Davy, “Stop talking like a hysterical schoolgirl.” (2:00)

Joan tells Dr. Harrison, referring to Davy, “When we got her on the boat she never spoke again.” (2:01)