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Sally Field, Kevin Kline, Robert Downey Jr., Cathy Moriarty, Elisabeth Shue, Whoopi Goldberg, Teri Hatcher, Garry Marshall, Kathy Najimy, Arne Nannestad, Paul Johansson, Sheila Kelley, Leeza Gibbons, John Tesh, Stephen Nichols, Ben Stein
Robert John Downey, Jr. | Adolf Hitler | William Styron | ether
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Actress Montana tells producer David, referring to actress Celeste, "Give her Alzheimer's."
David: "Edmund's crazy about her." (0:09)

Writer Rose asks Celeste, "Have you gone insane? Do you know the word on the floor is that, like, you're crazed today?" (0:15)

Rose tells Celeste, "You're driving me crazy." (0:17)

David tells Montana, "My therapist said that..."
Montana: "What kind of moron are you?"
"She became the bed-wetter celebrity spokesperson."
David: "Bolt's gold, especially with the impotency thing coming up." (0:20)

Network executive Edmund: "That's depressing and expensive..." (0:23)

David tells the team, referring to actress Lori, "She's beautiful, but she's deranged, okay? She's a powder keg. She's got a chemical imbalance."
Burton: "Bipolar."
Betsy: "The Bill Styron thing."
David: "Bipolar." (0:26)

David tells the others, referring to Lori, "We make her mute." (0:26)

Lori tells director Burton, "A crackup."
Burton: "Now as you are mute, you cannot speak, okay?"
"Remember: poverty, depression..." (0:27)

Montana tells Rose, "I find it confusing."
Rose: "You're confused?" (0:28)

Celeste asks David, "Are you nuts?" (0:29)

David asks Burton, "Did the mute speak?"
Burton: "Lori, you're a mute, doll." (0:32)

Actor Jeffrey asks David, "Am I crazy?" (0:38)

Celeste tells David, "So was Hitler. Oh, no, I don't mean Hitler..."
When she sees Jeffrey Celeste faints. (0:42)

Lori tells Jeffrey, "I'm, uh, Lori Craven, the homeless mute."
Jeffrey: "Of course, you speak beautifully for a mute."
"The beautiful little mute." (0:49)

Apparently intent upon killing herself, Celeste stands in front of an oncoming bus. (0:52)

Jeffrey tells Lori, "But all the time I was obsessed with my hands." (0:52)

Celeste tells the doorman, referring to Jeffrey, "I was confusing him with my shrink." (0:56)

Celeste tells Jeffrey, "You're an egomaniac."
Jeffrey: "Of course I'm an egomaniac." (1:00)

Montana tells "So like a mute"(1:00)

Montana asks David, "So she's jealous of the mute, huh?"
"Angelique's a mute." (1:01)

David tells a reporter, "Yes, Leeza, but now... we have created a triangle..." (1:02)

Jeffrey tells Celeste, "You're crazy."
"Are you out of your mind?"
"You're crazy. You're nuts." (1:04)

David finishes a sentence for Rose: "Brought on by a flagrant abuse of prescription drugs." (1:07)

Celeste tells Lori, "I haven't slept a wink."
Lori: "Try sleeping pills." (1:12)

Montana tells David, referring to Lori, "She has more lines than I do, and she's a... mute."
David: "Not anymore mute."
Lori tells David, referring to Montana, "She's a deranged bitch." (1:13)

Lori: "I'm on the verge of a breakdown."
Celeste: "I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown."
Jeffrey: "I could conceivable have a breakdown." (1:20)

Character Maggie asks character Dr. Randall, "Miracle drugs?" Randall tells character nurse Nan, "Prepare the ether." (1:26)

Edmund tells David, "It's hypnotic. It's like a truth serum." (1:29)

Character Dr. Domonico, referring to Rose's character, "This is Dr. Franzblau of the sex change clinic in Bethesda, Maryland."
When she hears that Montana is really a man, Costume mistress Shawny faints. (1:29)