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Billy Warlock, Devin DeVasquez, Evan Richards
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William "Bill" Whitney In psychotherapy session with psychiatrist Dr. Cleveland.
Bill appears to hallucinate worms on his apple. (0:02)

Bill asks his sister Jen’s ex-boyfriend David Blanchard, "Are you crazy?" (0:07)

His schoolmate Marty tells Bill, "You're just using your athletic ability to get the votes of the childish morons in this audience."
Bill: ”Looks to me like you just lost the moron vote, Marty.”
”I mean just imagine everybody walking around in those idiotic clothes...” (0:10)

Session with Cleveland:
Bill: ”We're just one big happy family... except for a little incest and psychosis.”
Cleveland: ”Don't you think that sounds a little bit paranoid?”
Bill: ”No, I've never been paranoid.”
Cleveland: ”Just a little bit paranoid, Bill...” (0:12)

Recording of Bill's Father Jim, referring to Bill: "He's too busy about things in his own world to worry about ours."
Jen: ”I'm a little nervous, though.” (0:22)

Bill tells Cleveland, "I'm not crazy." (0:24)

Bill tells his girlfriend Shauna, "... stop worrying about that stupid party."
Shauna: ”... you're so pig headed and selfish.” (0:26)

Session with Cleveland:
Tape recording: Jim tells Jen, "Don't worry, dear."
Cleveland, writing a prescription: ”I really hate giving you drugs, Billy.” (0:28)

Jim tells bill, "... be careful on the drinking and driving."
Bill tells Jen, ”Look, I know the guy freaked out after you dumped him...” (0:32)

Bill's friend Milo tells bill, "Hey, I'm not in the mood..." (0:35)

Schoolmate Clarissa Carlyn tells Bill, "You're crazy." (0:38)

Jen tells Bill, "Don't be so paranoid."
Bill: ”I'm not paranoid.” (0:46)

A police officer asks Bill, "What are you hopped up on?"
Bill tells Clarissa, ”I'm not in the mood, alright?” (0:54)

Jen: "Bill, I'm really worried about you." (0:56)

Milo tells Bill, "I'm trying to tell you, you crazy son-of-a-bitch...."
Bill: ”I'm not going crazy.” (0:58)

Jim: "No, we've been worried sick about you."
Cleveland tells Bill, ”You know how I hate to give you drugs.” as he injects Bill's arm. (1:00)

Cleveland's disembodied voice: "You know how I hate to give you drugs." (1:04)

Bill asks Milo, "Paranoid? I'm not paranoid." (1:06)

Ted Ferguson tells Clarissa, "Don't worry." (1:20)

Jen: "If you have any oedipal fantasies you'd like to indulge in, Billy, now's the time." (1:24)

Cleveland: "It's just another hang-up, Billy." (1:25)