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Tammy Jean, Asta Paredes, Nicola Fiore
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A woman tells Mara, referring to smoking, "I gotta quit anyway... You know, I really wish she would just slit her wrists and get it over with already." (0:00)

Her musician neighbor Karl tells Mara, "I'm an insomniac too." (0:09)

Mara tells a woman, "You fainted."
Woman: "I fainted?"
Mara: "It just takes a second for the chloroform to wear off."
Mara: "... crazies out there at this hour."
"... you fainted, et cetera, et cetera... There're all sorts of crazies out there at this hour."
"What's that instrument they use for lobotomies?" (0:15)

Kat tells Mara, "I'm neurotic about everything." (0:20)

Mara tells Kat about her childhood nightmares: "I'd be paralyzed so I couldn't yell or scream or move..."
Kat: "My sister, she had night terrors until she was fourteen... She used to sleepwalk, too."
"Only children tend to be introverts." (0:31)

Mara tells Kat, "I have these pills I need to take, and if I don't, I go through withdrawal." (0:36)

A man at a bar tells Mara, "... anybody that's seen your face... is either blind or a... idiot." (0:52)

Kat tells Mara, "I overdosed on vitamins before I got here..." (1:01)

Mara tells Kat, "I've been crazy, I know."
Kat: "Are you drunk?" (1:06)

Mara cuts her wrist superficially with a razor. (1:09)

By telephone Mara tells Kat, "I'm scared I'm gonna hurt myself. I just took all these pills." (1:13)

Mara tells Kat, "I know that's insane..."
Kat: "... you're talking about hurting yourself?"
Kat tells Karl, "She's a psycho girl!" (1:14)