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Son of Sam

Yogi Joshi, Elissa Dowling
David Berkowitz | cocaine
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Hallucinated voices command serial killer David Berkowitz, "Listen to the voices."
In an alley a woman asks a man, "Got any... blow for me?"
"Give me some blow."
"I just want to get some blow and get out of here.."
Berkowitz hears voices say, "Son of Sam" (0:00)

The woman again: "Just give me some blow..." (0:03)

Berkowitz' attorney Brenda Klein tells him, "Your psychological evaluation... you are a paranoid schizophrenic. Are you aware that you're a paranoid schizophrenic?"
"Your psychological evaluation concurred that you are a paranoid schizophrenic, however, unfortunately, you are still fit to stand trial... Now that you've already admitted your guilt we have no choice but to go with an insanity plea."
"Well, an insanity plea could result in your spending the rest of your life in a hospital." (0:12)

Berkowitz "Some voices in my head. The devil." (0:14)

Berkowitz participates in a satanic ritual. (0:15)

A satanic cult member tells Berkowitz, "The voices will tell you what to do." (0:20)

Berkowitz voices: "You must kill... She must be killed... Kill her..." (0:22)

Berkowitz tells attorney Klein, "Demons never leave me alone... They never leave me alone."
Klein: "We're going to plead insanity." (0:26)

Voices tell Berkowitz to kill a couple (0:32)

Voices: "Kill them David... Do it now." (0:39)

Voices, referring to an older woman: "Do you think she knows, David?" (0:46)

Voices torment Berkowitz. (0:53)

Voices: "It's time again, David... She deserves to die... Wait... She hears the voices too." (1:05)

Voices: "Do it now... pull the trigger." (1:08)