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CastJanet McTeer, Aidan Quinn, Michael Davis, Michael Goodwin, Jane Adams, E. Katherine Kerr
Emmy Rossum, Pat Carroll
Year released2000
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Professor Lily Penleric: ".. you must learn to appreciate the simple purity of emotion in the song." (0:02)

Her colleague and lover Professor Wallace Aldrich tells Lily, "My wife won’t be home until quite late.
”Are you mad, Lily?” 
Lily: ”Coward.” (0:05)

Lily tells Fate Honeycutt, "Oh, I’m not a medical doctor." (0:-6)

Teacher Harriet Toliver tells teacher Eleanor Penleric, referring to Lily, "She’s quite obsessed." (0:15)

Lily asks Tom Bledsoe, "Are you drunk?" 
Tom: ”I’m not drunk...” 
Lily: ”You really are an ignorant drunken lout...” 
Tom: ”My wife died in childbirth... pulled our dead baby out...” (0:42)

Lily asks Tom, "Well, aren’t you lucky, sitting around all day getting drunk, playing music?" (0:46)

Fate tells Deladis Slocumb, referring to Lily, "She’s crazy..." (0:47)

Deladis tells Fate, "Miss Eleanor’s been worried sick." (0:58)

Tom punches Earl Giddens in the head. More head injuries follow. (1:02)

Earl regains consciousness. (1:03)

Tom tells Lily, "Oh, don’t worry...." (1:06)

Tom tells Lily, "My second wife died of lung fever." (1:12)

Fate: "You’re goin’ soft in the head, Tom." (1:17)

Letter to Lily from Wallace Aldrich: "It is with great pride that I write..." (1:23)

Burial procession for Reese Kincaid (1:33)

Tom tells Lily, "You made most of us feel real proud." 
Tom: ”You're about as crazy as...” (1:37)

Tom asks Viney Butler, "Isn't that the craziest thing you ever heard?" 
Viney: ”It’s the craziest.” (1:41)

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