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Sophie's Choice

Peter MacNicol, Meryl Streep, Kevin Kline, Rita Karin, Stephen D. Newman, Josh Mostel, Marcell Rosenblatt, Moishe Rosenfeld, Robin Bartlett
William Styron | Pfizer | Heinrich Himmler | Wilhelm Reich | ergotamine | cocaine | Benzedrine | amphetamine
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Nathan tells Stingo, “I fall crazy in love with a Polish shiksa.”
Sophie tells Stingo, “He works at Pfizer.”
Nathan: ”Pfizer. It's a big pharmaceutical house house here in Brooklyn.” (0:14)

Nathan sees scars on Sophies wrists. (0:29)

Lesley tells Stingo, “Before I went into analysis I was completely frigid... Wilhelm Reich has turned me into a nympho.” (0:37)

Lesley tells Stingo, “I've reached a plateau in my analysis.” (0:41)

Sophie and Stingo talk about losses of those they loved. (0:45)

Stingo sees the scars on Sophie's wrists: “You tried to commit suicide in Auschwitz?”
”I kneeled down, and I cut my wrist.” (0:48)

Sophie tells Stingo, referring to Nathan, “He is obsessed with the Nazis that are escaping justice.” (0:53)

Nathan: “I just get crazed with the work.”
”I’m just another mad scientist. We’re all a bunch of nuts.” (0:57)

A professor tells Nathan, referring to Sophie’s father, “He was crazy about the Nazis.” (1:14)

Sophie tells Stingo how she lost her children. (1:29)

His wife tells Rudolf Höss, “I baked Himmler’s favorite cake.”
Rudolf: “Himmler can’t stay for dinner.”
Frau Höss: “Imagine, that idiot guard took the new girl right into the kitchen...” (1:35)

Frau Höss tells Rudolf, “But I thought maybe if you could go to Berlin, and explain to Himmler how unfair his order is, maybe he’d change his mind.” (1:38)

Rudolf tells, Sophie, “That ergotamine is a miracle.” (1:39) 

Sophie pretends to faint. Rudolf’s daughter Emmi tells her, “You fainted.” (1:49)

Stingo tells Nathan’s physician brother Larry, “At Pfizer.”
Larry, referring to Nathan: “The truth is he's quite mad.”
”He has a job at Pfizer in the company library.”
”When he was 10 we were told that the child genius was a paranoid schizophrenic. From then on, the only schools he attended were expensive funny farms.”
”If you could stay off the drugs, he might have a chance.”
Stingo: “Drugs? What is he on?”
Larry: ”Benzedrine, cocaine.” (1:56)

Neighbor Morris tells Stingo, referring to Nathan, “God knows what meshugana idea was going through his mind this time.” (2:04)

Stingo, narrating: “Sophie's lust was both a plunge into carnal oblivion and a flight from memory and grief.” (2:22) 

Bystander, referring to Nathan: “He worked in a pharmaceutical lab, and I think that's how he got a hold of the cyanide.”
Nathan grieves the deaths of Sophie and Nathan. (2:23)

Stingo, narrating: “I let go the rage and sorrow for Sophie and Nathan...” (2:26)