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Sorry, Wrong Number

Barbara Stanwyck, Burt Lancaster, Ann Richards, Wendell Corey, Harold Vermilyea, Ed Begley, Leif Erickson, William Conrad, John Bromfield, Jimmy Hunt
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Murderer: "Okay, George, don't worry." (0:03)

Leona Stevenson: "Chief operator, I'm an invalid, and I've just had a terrible shock tonight over the telephone..."
”Oh, for heaven's sakes, all this idiotic red tape.” (0:04)

By telephone, police officer Duffy tells Leona, "Well, you see, Madam, there's nothing for you to worry about." (0:08)

By telephone, her father James Cotterell tells Leona, "I'll worry about the business."
”No need to worry your head....” (0:10)

By telephone, Leona's husband's secretary Elizabeth Jennings tells Leona, "And I'm sure it's nothing to worry about." (0:14)

Her future husband Henry Stephenson tells Leona, "There's a big drug company by the name of Cotterell.”
Leona: ”Don’t worry.” (0:20)

Henry tells Leona, "I work in the drugstore."
Leona: ”A drugstore?”
Henry: ”I work in a drugstore, and your father owns a hundred of them.”
Leona: ”... you probably know the drug business upside down.”
Henry: ”I just work in a drugstore...” (0:24)

Her college friend Sally hunt tells Leona, "Henry's father was a drunkard."
Leona: ”... I don't go around rationalizing my emotions either.” (0:26)

By telephone, Sally tells Leona, "I've been so worried about him."
Leona: ”Worried?” (0:31)

Henry tells Sally, referring to his employer, "Biggest drug business in the country." (0:41)

By telephone, a man from Western Union reads a telegram from Henry to Leona, "Last-minute remembered drug convention meeting..."
Leona faints. (0:46)

By telephone, her doctor, Philip Alexander, tells Leona, "Your husband called at my office for the diagnosis of your case..."
”I believe I prescribed a sedative for you, didn't I? Well, then just doubled the dose.” (0:49)

Dr. Alexander tells Henry, "It will probably be quite a shock to you."
”Her condition is mostly mental. She's what we call a cardiac neurotic... The whole thing is probably quite unconscious on her part... Subconsciously, you see, she learned to deceive him -- simulate a false condition.”
”Mentally, she's very sick... Given proper psychiatric treatment, she may snap out of it entirely... There's a psychiatrist I want her to see.”
”Well, naturally it will be quite a shock.” (0:59)

By telephone, Leona asks Waldo Evans, "Are you insane?" (1:03)

Chemist Evans tells Henry, "You see, there are many ingredients which go into the various pharmaceuticals."
Henry: ”Doesn't it ever worry you?”
Evans: ”Worry me, Mr. Stevenson?”
”You, a drug thief?” (1:05)

Gangster Morano tells Henry, "I wouldn't worry about it, Stevenson." (1:16)

By telephone, Leona tells Henry, referring to her conversation with Evans, "Some of it sounded insane...."
Henry: ”You mustn't listen to every crazy crackpot who calls you up, dear.”
”What a crazy idea.” (1:25)