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South Central

CastGlenn Plummer, Byron Minns, Christian Coleman
Year released1992
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Newly paroled Deuces gang member Bobby “OG” Johnson tells his fellow gang member, “Yo, Bear, give me eight ball, baby.”
Gang leader Ray tells the others, referring to Loco, "He’s still loked out on that PCP he smoked."
Loco, offering a cigarette: ”Hey, Bobby, you want a hit of this tranq?” (0:02)

Bobby asks his girlfriend Carole, "You high on that PCP shit?"
Ray, referring to drug dealer Genie Lamp: ”Smack man.”
”But your dope stays in my hood.”
Genie: ”Plenty of drug addicts to go around.”
Ray: ”Count on it, smack man.” (0:04)

Bobby tells Carole, "You had enough money to buy that PCP..." (0:06)

Ray tells the Deuces, "Don’t use it. Let the other fools have the habit... Now I know there’re a lot of drug dealers on this side of town..." (0:11)

Ray tells the others, "We check out the crack factory." (0:15)

Genie makes lines of white powder on a plate.
Bobby insufflates a line through a rolled bill.
Genie: ”It’s... smack.” (0:16)

Ray, referring to Genie: "Badass Kansas City smack man." (0:20)

Bear asks Bobby, "You still worried over Smack Man?" (0:25)

Loco asks a woman, "... you need to be high? 'Cause I got the rock." (0:26)

Ray tells Bobby’s son Jimmie “J-Rock” Johnson, handing him a joint, "... here’s some bud, too." (0:34)

Loco: "Just give me the tranq."
Inmate, referring to Loco: ”He’s a... sherm head.” (0:36)

Loco tells Bobby, referring to Ray, "He got all new sets out selling his crack." (0:38)

Bobby strikes another inmate in the face with a metal tray. (0:45)

His new cellmate Ali tells Bobby, "... you can turn it in on yourself and go crazy..." (0:48)

Dr. King asks Jimmie, "Do you know what child abuse means?"
Jimmie, referring to Carole: ”She’s a sherm head now.”
Nurse Shelly: ”PCP”
Jimmie: ”She smokes it in her cigarettes...” (0:53)

Ali asks Bobby, "Where were you... while Ray-Ray was abusing him?"
”I... behaved like that his whole young life... He got killed not much later...” (0:55)

Ali quotes Jesse Jackson to Bobby: "We have allowed death to change its name from southern rope to northern dope. Too many black youths have been victimized by pushing dope into their veins instead of hope into their brains." (1:06)

Bobby walks past drug dealers in the street. (1:09)

Carole tells Bobby, "Don’t worry." (1:12)

Jimmie tells Bobby, "You crazy." (1:18)

Bobby tells Jimmie, "Ray-Ray is a drug dealer."
Bear punches Bobby in the head.
Ray referring to Loco: ”... that sherm head.”
Bear punches him again, rendering him unconscious.
Ray punches Willie Manchester in the face.
Bobby punches Bear in the face.
Bobby tells Jimmy, ”If you hit a man in his face...” (1:27)

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