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Philip Thomas, Mary Alice, Dorian Harewood, Lonette McKee, Paul Lambert, Irene Cara, Beatrice Winde, Tony King
Marilyn Monroe | Ray Charles | cocaine | marijuana
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Sister tells Levi, “I must be crazy coming down here with you.”
Levi: ”I tell you how crazy I am about you.” (0:06)

Sister: “You don’t see no kink on Miss Marilyn ‘S-for-sexy’ Monroe, do you?”
Sister’s sister Dolores: “Marilyn Monroe’s a cracker.” (0:08)

Stix tells his boss Shimmy, “I think I’m having a memory attack.”
”You know, it’s a funny thing about my memory attack.” (0:11)

Stix tells the sisters, “Don’t be nervous.”
Sister: ”Ain’t nobody nervous. You’re the one making us nervous.” (0:28)

One of the sisters: “Stix, You’re crazy.” (0:33)

Stix tells his friend, “Maybe share a reefer with Miss Waters.” (0:38)

Sister snorts cocaine. (0:40)

Sister: “Mama, did you seem them going crazy for us?’ (0:45)

Fighting with Delores, Sister spills cocaine on the floor. (0:50)

Stix tells gangster Satin, “Hey, you crazy man.”
”Hey, look, you crazy.” (0:55)

Memorial service for Sister. (1:06)

Sparkle tells Stix, “It makes me nervous.”
Stix: ”You nervous.” (1:16)

Poster: “Ray Charles” (1:28)

Sparkle (2012)