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Dustin Hoffman, Samuel L. Jackson, Sharon Stone, Liev Schreiber, Peter Coyote, Queen Latifah, Marga Gómez, Huey Lewis, Bernard Hocke, James Pickens Jr.
alprazolam | Xanax | ephedrine | parasone hydrochloride | pentobarbital | Nembutal | synthetic
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Dr. Norman Goodman answers the helicopter pilot, "I’m a psychologist."
Pilot: ”Hey, a shrink, huh?”
Norman: ”I’m on a list of psychologists the FAA brings in when a plane goes down.” (0:03)

Norman tells a crewman, "I deal in posttraumatic stress and survival guilt."
Crewman: ”Talk to the ship psychiatrist.”
Norman: ”I’m a psychologist.” (0:05)

Mathematician Dr. Harry Adams: "Led by a psychologist... ‘Take me to your therapist.’"
Michael: ”Contact teams meeting an unknown lifeform or ULF must be prepared for severe psychological impact. Stress reaction when confronted by an unknown life has not been adequately studied...”
Harry: ”If Norman’s report calls for... a psychologist, then why are you here?” (0:08)

A medic(?) asks marine biologist Dr. Elizabeth “Beth’ Halperin, "Do you take any prescription medication?"
Beth: ”... sometimes I might take, like, a piece of Xanax or something if I’m nervous...” (0:10)

Norman tells Harry, "Beth was a patient." (0:11)

Astrophysicist Dr. Ted Fielding answers Harry, "I’m uptight."
Captain Harold C. Barnes: ”Don’t worry about it.”
Norman: ”We’re both nervous, yes?”
”You’re having a stress reaction. That’s Harry’s stress reaction.” (0:14)

Harry: "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" (0:18)

Norman tells Beth, "These guys show up with a grant to study the psychological effects of an alien invasion." (0:27)

Beth tells Norman, referring to an alien, "... he was hit in the back of the head." (0:29)

Ted(?): "Do you think that’s a little paranoid, Barnes?"
Norman, referring to the sphere: ”What worries me is that it’s reflecting everything but us.” (0:33)

Harry asks Norman, "Doesn’t that seem like the actions of a conscious being to you?"
Norman: ”Okay, pop psychology...”
Harry: ”Good shrinkage.” (0:38)

By radio, Norman tells Barnes, "Harry’s out cold here." (0:44)

Ted tells Beth, referring to Harry, "He’s aphasic." (0:45)

Barnes tells Norman, referring to Beth, "So you knew her as a patient."
Referring to documents: ”Does it say ‘suicide attempt’? Does it say ‘electroshock therapy’?”
”... someone here who could be in fact mentally unstable”
”... now we’ve got a nut bag down here who can flip out and crack up.”
Norman: ”People who really want to kill themselves get a gun and shoot themselves or go over a bridge. They don’t call up their boyfriend and say, “I just took 20 Nembutal. Help me.”
Barnes: ”She took 20 yellows and you’re telling me she’s perfect.” (0:52)

Barnes: "If this translation is right, this alien sounds like an idiot." (1:01)

Beth tells Norman, referring to Barnes, "You told him I took 20 Nembutal and tried to kill myself, didn’t you?." (1:05)

Barnes tells Norman, referring to Beth, "She’s crazy." (1:16)

An object falls, hitting Ted on the head. (1:19)

Harry asks Norman, "With all your panic and running around, what have you accomplished?" (1:24)

By radio, Beth tells Norman, referring to coffee, "I’ll take mine black, like my mood." (1:29)

Norman tells Beth, "Clinically, we would call that evidence of a psychotic break."
Beth: ”I am not crazy, Norman. What are you gonna do, write me a prescription?... I am not psychotic.”
Norman: ”How about a mini psychotic break?” (1:32)

Beth swallows drugs from a prescription bottle. (1:35)

Norman tells alien Jerry, "What makes me nervous is that after page 87 it’s all blank pages." (1:36)

Norman tells Beth, referring to Harry, "He was dreaming, and... what he dreamed..."
”... happened.”
Beth: ”... he now has the power to manifest his dreams, his fantasies?”
Norman: ”... the sphere has some kind of power that projects every subconscious thought that Harry has onto the computer.”
”What we’re gonna do is find something to put Harry under. We can put him into some kind of deep unconscious sleep.”
Beth: ”Dreamless sleep, I hope.”
Norman: ”A dreamless sleep, yes.”
Beth: ”I got a bunch of drugs up there.”
Norman: ”Ephedrine hydrochloride?”
Beth: ”Syntac is a synthetic opiate. It’s a painkiller.”
Norman: ”Here’s some more parasone hydrochloride.”
Beth: ”It’ll knock him out for about 3-6 hours.” (1:40)

Beth injects Harry. (1:42)

Beth: "I want you to inject yourself, Norman."
”It’s got the same thing in it that we used to inject Harry.”
Beth: ”Norman, you’re manifesting your fears: the jellyfish, now the snakes.”
Referring to Harry: ”He’s in a dreamless sleep.”
”Inject yourself with the hypodermic needle.” (1:47)

Harry asks Beth and Norman, "Why’d you put me out."
Beth: ”He got hit in the head.” (1:55)

Harry tells Beth and Norman, "Illusion."
”Stuck in the illusion that we can change the future.” (1:59)

Beth tells Norman and Harry, "I don’t wanna not be able to sleep, afraid I’m gonna wake up with, having manifested some nightmare..."
Harry: ”Are you saying you’re worried about what will happen if it falls into the wrong hands?”
Norman: ”We’re intelligent... we manifested every... paranoid thought you could think...”
”... the power to make your dreams come true...” (2:05)