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Spider Baby

CastLon Chaney Jr., Carol Ohmart, Quinn K. Redeker, Beverly Washburn, Jill Banner, Sid Haig, Mary Mitchell, Karl Schanzer, Mantan Moreland
Year released1967
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Chapter in book: "MERRYE SYNDROME"
Peter: "The Merrye syndrome, so called because its only known occurrence is among the descendants of one Ebenezer Merrye... a progressive age regression... It is believed that eventually the victim of the Merrye syndrome may regress... to a pre-human condition of savagery and cannibalism. Many authorities do not accept the existence of the Merrye syndrome. Of course, there is no Merrye syndrome anymore." (0:01)

Her sister Elizabeth asks Virginia, are you crazy?" (0:08)

Chauffeur Bruno tells Elizabeth and Virginia, "They want to become your legal guardians." (0:14)

Mr. Schlocker tells Bruno, "It is my understanding that for the past several years you have been the sole custodian of the three children of the late Titus W. Merrye."
Bruno: "Well, you might call them retarded."
Schlocker: "Retarded?" (0:24)

Schlocker tells Bruno, "The days when we hit our insane behind walls of shame went out with that old car of yours."
Bruno tells Uncle Peter, "It's more than a retardation. It's sort of a regression, a progressive deterioration of the mental faculties, a rotting in the brain, so to speak." (0:28)

Legal secretary Ann answers Peter, "Dracula, Frankenstein..."
Peter: "And The Mummy?"
Ann: "Oh, The Mummy, I love The Mummy... and The Wolfman..." (0:41)

Peter's sister Emily: "I hate spiders." (0:42)

Peter asks Ann, "Hey, are you really a Wolfman fan, Ann?" (1:04)

Peter: "And so the Merrye syndrome was extinguished forever with the family that carried it." (1:23)

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