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Tobey Maguire, Willem Dafoe, Kirsten Dunst, James Franco, Cliff Robertson, Rosemary Harris, J.K. Simmons, Bill Nunn, Ron Perkins, Bruce Campbell
hormone | testosterone
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General Slocum asks Oscorp researcher Dr. Stromm, "Any side effects?"
”What were the side effects?”
Stromm: ”Violence, aggression, and insanity.” (0:11)

Laid off electrician Ben Parker tells his wife May, "Oh Lord, even the computers need analysts these days." (0:13)

Ben tells May, referring to their nephew Peter, "Raging hormones." (0:19)

His neighbor and fellow student M.J. tells Peter, "You really freaked us out." (0:29)

Peter tells Ben, "Quit worrying about me, okay?" (0:35)

Boxing ring announcer: "For $3,000, is there no one here man enough to stay in the ring for 3 minutes with this Titan of testosterone?" (0:37)

A man tells Peter, "Get out there, you moron." (0:39)

Ben dies with Peter at his side. (0:44)

Peter and May share their grief. (0:49)

Peter tells May, referring to Ben, "I missed him a lot today."
May: ”I know, I miss him too, but he was there.” (0:52)

His friend and roommate Harry, Norman Osborn's son, tells Peter, referring to M.J., "... you should know I'm crazy about her." (1:11)

His alter ego Green Goblin confronts Osborn, who sees and converses with his doppelganger in the mirror. (1:12)

Green Goblin releases a gas that renders Spider-Man unconscious. (1:15)

M.J. tells Spider-Man, "I think I have a superhero stalker." (1:20)

Spider-Man tells Green Goblin, "It's you who's out Gobby, out of your mind." (1:24)

Green Goblin: "Spider-Man, this is why only fools are heroes, because you'll never know when some lunatic will come along with a sadistic choice" (1:41)

Harry and Peter at funeral for Norman in a cemetery. Peter visits Ben’s grave.
Peter tells M.J., referring to Ben, “It’s been so hard without him.” (1:50)

Reference in 22 Jump Street