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James McAvoy, Anya Taylor Joy, Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula, Haley Lu Richardson, Sterling K. Brown, Kim Director, Lyne Renee, Brad William Henke, Sebastian Arcelus, Neal Huff
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Kevin Wendell Crumb sprays what appears to be a general anesthetic on Claire, Casey and there friend Marcia, rendering them unconscious. (0:03)

Psychologist and psychotherapist Dr. Karen Fletcher watches television. Reporter: “The father of one of the students woke up dazed... reportedly drugged.” (0:10)

Claire tells Casey and Marcia, “We should drop a crazy-ass bomb on him.”
”The only chance we have is if all three of us go crazy on this guy.” (0:11)

Patient Barry tells Dr. Fletcher, “I'm too impulsive.” (0:16)

Her friend answers Fletcher, “Your patients.”
”Do you believe them, your patients?” (0:18)

Her colleague Joe tells Fletcher, “They conceded, however, that you can be part of the mood disorder panel.”
Fletcher: ”It’s not a mood disorder.”
Joe: “You submitted video of a dog acting differently to one of your patients at different times?”
”Karen, these are patients. They have been through trauma.”
Fletcher: “DID patients have change their body chemistry with their thoughts.” (0:21)

Marcia: “Does everybody get how wacked this is...?” (0:22)

Fletcher lectures: “One identity in an individual with dissociative identity disorder can have high cholesterol...”
”The identities have different IQs.” (0:35)

Alter Barry in session with Fletcher: Fletcher tells the patient, “Barry is an extroverted leader.”
”Based on the description of all 23 identities that live in Kevin's body... I think I'm talking to Dennis... and I understand you have OCD.” (0:37)

Fletcher asks the security guard, “Jai, what health-conscious fast food purveyor did you originally solicit to buy these chicken wings you’ve so lovingly reheated in a minor suicidal gesture?” (0:41)

Alter Barry in session with Fletcher: She tells him, “Sometimes another incident of abuse can cause suppressed personalities to take the light.”
”One thing, Dennis, that may comfort you if you are confused, is that you've met the other alters.”
Referring to “The Beast”: “That's because he's not an altar. He's not the 24th identity. He's a fantasy.” (0:54)

Casey tells Hedwig, “I'm confused. (1:02)

Visiting Dennis at his home, Fletcher tells him, “I've lost so many patients to the system... My patients have become my family.”
Dennis: “You wrote about a woman in Germany who'd been blind for 10 years, and then it was discovered that she had DID...” (1:13)

Dennis renders Fletcher unconscious with the general anesthetic spray. (1:19)

In a video, alter Barry says, “I have a very bad feeling that I'm losing time... The Horde keeps obsessing about the ones who haven't suffered.” (1:24)

Kevin tells Casey, “I don't remember anything after that.” (1:35)

Her uncle John tells young Casey, “My daddy died too.” (1:40)

Television news reporter: “The suspected murderer Kevin Crumb, suffers from the controversial psychological disorder DID... Reports even indicate one of his personalities is an amalgam of the various animals in the Philadelphia Zoo where he worked... Because of his many personalities he is being called The Horde.”
Woman in diner: “This is like that crazy guy in the wheelchair that they put away 15 years ago.”
The man next to her answers, “Mr. Glass.” (1:51)

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