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Mark Ruffalo, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Stanley Tucci, John Slattery
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Reporter Matt tells reporter Sacha, “They kind of depress me.” (0:04)

Reporter Mike tells Sacha, “Father Porter... molested dozens of kids...” (0:14)

Reporter Sacha asks attorney Eric, “Twenty grand, for molesting a child?” (0:18)

Matt tells Sacha and Robby, “Liam Barrett, molested some kids in Philly...” (0:23)

Victim and advocate Phil tells the reporters, “What this is is priests using their collar to rape kids.”
He describes sexual abuse by priests.
You see, it’s important to understand that this is not just physical abuse... so you reach for the bottle or the needle, or if those don’t work, you jump off a bridge.”
”And talk to Richard Sipe. He worked in one of the church’s treatment centers.”
Sacha: “What’s a treatment center?”
Robby: ”You know 13 priests in Boston who have molested children.” (0:32)

Victim Patrick tells Mike, “I was 12, just after my dad killed himself.”
Referring to his mother: ”I mean she was nuts.”
Attorney Mitch: “She was a schizophrenic.”
Patrick describes sexual abuse by a priest.
Patrick reveals track marks on his right forearm. (0:38)

Victim Joe tells Sacha, “Homosexual, transsexual, bisexual.”

”Well I was a little freaked out.”
”Specifically, he molested me.”
Referring to the priest: ”He took off his clothes, and he said, ‘I’ve been so depressed...’”
”I’m sober now, but that was the beginning of it all.” (0:40)

By telephone Mike tells psychotherapist Richard, “So, Phil told me that you were working at one of the church’s treatment centers...”
Richard: “Yes, the Seton Psychiatric Institute.”
”Well, I started my psychotherapy fellowship there in 1965... I spent the next 30 studying abusive priests and their victims.”
”Well, based on the research I would classify it as a recognizable psychiatric phenomenon.” (0:47)

By telephone Richard tells the team, “But the fact remains that this creates a culture of secrecy that tolerates and even protects pedophiles.”
”After the first major scandal... Tom Doyle... coauthored a report warning pedophile priests were a billion dollar liability.”
”My estimates suggest 6% act out sexually with minors.” (1:00)

Michael tells Ben, referring to Richard, “He is a trained psychotherapist.” (1:02)

Robby tells lawyer Eric, “We’ve got a story about... a bunch of lawyers turning child abuse into a cottage industry.” (1:07)

Matt tells Ben, “We got one of those treatment centers a block from my house.” (1:12)

Richard, by telephone: “Well, many of the priests that I treated were psychosexually stunted.” (1:14)

Sacha tells Father Paquin, referring to boys, “They told us you molested them.”
”But you admit to molesting boys at St. John the Baptist?”
Paquin: ”I was raped.” (1:15)

Attorney Mitch tells Michael, “I’m not crazy. I’m not paranoid.” (1:21)

Matt: “This is nuts.” (1:25)

Phil tells Sacha, “No one wants to read about kids getting raped by priests...” (1:26)

Michael reads a letter to Robby, “Even in the midst of our agony over the seven boys in our family who have been violated...Father Geoghan has history of homosexual involvement with young boys... I wonder if Father Geoghan should be... receiving some kind of therapy.” (1:35)

Jim asks Robby, “Are you out of your mind?” (1:48)

Mike tells Matt, referring to another paper, “They’d be idiots not to.” (1:51)

Mitch tells Mike, referring to clients, “Both kids were abused.” (1:57)