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St. Ives (1998)

Jean-Marc Barr, Miranda Richardson, Anna Friel, Richard E. Grant, Tim Dutton, Michael Gough, Jason Isaacs, Desmond Barrit, Adrian Scarborough, Vernon Dobtcheff
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Colonel Bonnefoy tells soldier Jacques, “You’re a... drunkard...” (0:10)

Jacques tells his fellow prisoners, “Sadly a recent wound makes it impossible for me to do anything suicidal.” (0:19)

Lady Flora swoons after hearing a gunshot. (0:24)

Flora’s aunt Susan uses a hookah and shares it with Major Farquhar. She tells him, “Of course the Bashi-Bazouks with whom I lived in Turkey heated a mixture of fresh opium and ashes of the drug. Sadly all we have is old Jamaican shag.” (0:37)

Farquhar tells his aid, “Old Jamaican shag.” (0:54)

Bonnefoy tells Jacques, “You are a... drunkard...” (1:07)

Farquhar suffers a closed head injury. (1:12)

His brother Alain dies next to Jacques. (1:18)