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St. Martin's Lane

Charles Laughton, Vivien Leigh, Rex Harrison, Larry Adler, Tyrone Guthrie
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Busker Charles tells dancer Libby, “Hysterics don’t help.” (0:15)

Libby tells Charles, “You’re drunk.”
Charles: ”I ain’t drunk.” (0:52)

Libby tells landlady "Ma," “I think he must be loony.”
Charles tells the others, “First I'm drunk. then I’m loony.” (0:55)

A gentleman tells Libby, referring to her performance, “They’re crazy about it.”
"We're crazy about him." (1:08)

The judge asks Charles, “Have you any explanation to give as to why you were hanging about the theater drunk?" (1:14)

Charles, feigning blindness, begs on the street. Malingering? (1:15)