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St. Vincent

Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd, Naomi Watts, Terrence Howard
Adolf Hitler
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His medical technician mother Maggie tells young Oliver, referring to The Giving Tree, “God that’s depressing.” (0:10) 

Bully, referring to Oliver’s Vietnam vet neighbor Vincent: “The old man’s crazy.” (0:32)

Vincent tells Oliver, “Yeah, so was Hitler.” (0:33)

His wife Sandy, failing to recognize Vincent as her husband: “There you are, Doctor.” (0:34)

Maggie tells Vincent, “My ex wants custody.” (0:38)

Maggie tells school Monsignor O’Brien and teacher Geraghty, “... and now he’s filed for custody of Oliver, full custody.” (0:53)

His prostitute friend Daka tells Vincent, referring to prescription drugs, “You can’t sell this to get high.” (0:59)

His thug tells loan shark Zucko, referring to Vincent, “Son of a bitch is crazy.” (1:03)

Oliver tells Maggie, ”Well, he looks like that when he’s drunk, too...” (1:05)

Vincent in speech therapy. He displays expressive aphasia attempting to talk. (1:07)

Maggie tells Oliver, “They do think his muscles in his mouth will respond to the therapy.”
Daka: “Like the retard... so the retard is not far from.” (1:08)

Oliver helps Vincent with speech rehabilitation exercises. (1:10)

Maggie tells Vincent, “50-50 custody with his asshole dad, and I have you to thank for that.” (1:16)

Vincent reacts after he learns that Sandy has died. (1:19)

Oliver tells vincent, “Of course I’m stupid, mostly for thinking you’re more than just a drunk, mean old man.” (1:23)

Geraghty tells the audience, “I’m sure you’re all very nervous.” (1:29)

Daka: “Like the retard.”
Oliver’s friend Robert: “Hey, the R-word’s not cool.”
Oliver: “It’s not politically correct.” (1:36)