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Jessica Paré, Brian Gleeson, Stanley Townsend, Francesca Cherruault, Ian Lloyd Anderson, John Lynn, Tina Kellegher, Ronan Carr, Louisa Harland
Johnny Cash | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | hashish | marijuana | nicotine
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Coworker Beatrice tells tourist advisor Alan, "He gives me discount on nicotine patches." (0:06)

Alan tells his illustrator friend Alice, "Divorced men's support group." (0:19)

Alice tells Alan, "I was on a high terror alert... mainly just because some of my friend decided they had to have babies like right now, which freaked me out." (0:20)

Alan tells Alice, "That was a mad idea." (0:27)

Alan asks Alice, "Johnny Cash?" (0:33)

Alan tells Alice, "In the drunken scenario I come up with I was doing it for my country." (0:38)

Alice tells Alan, referring to Paris, "It was incredibly romantic in a depressing way."
Alan: "Well, at least Dublin's depressing for the right reasons." (0:48)

Alan tells himself, "Try and enjoy the night like some kind of drunk eunuch." (0:50)

Alan tells Alice, "I mean it's crazy, right." (0:52)

Cross dressed performer. (0:53)

Alice asks Alan, "Were you making out with one of those drag queens or something?" (1:00)

Alice shares a glass pipe. Another partier tells her it's "Hash."
Alice: "We don't usually get hash back home. It's mostly grass."
Partier: "Grass is class." (1:01)

Alice tells Alan, "You must think I'm such a... idiot." (1:04)

Partier: "Hide the... yokes."
Alan tells Alice, "I think that stuff's making you a little bit paranoid."
"She's freaking out."
Alice: "What if I fail a drug test." (1:04)

Alan's father: "Alan, this is crazy." (1:18)