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Stanley & Iris

Jane Fonda, Robert De Niro, Swoosie Kurtz, Martha Plimpton, Harley Cross, Jamey Sheridan, Feodor Chaliapin Jr., Zohra Lampert, Loretta Devine, Kathy Kinney
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Her brother-in-law Joe tells bakery worker Iris, referring to her husband, “But the guy was dying.” (0:10)

The shoe repairman tells Iris, referring to cafeteria cook Stanley, “That guy’s crazy.” (0:13)

Iris tells Stanley, “It would drive me crazy.” (0:21)

The home for the aged director tells Stanley, “The social worker says you don’t have a place of residence anymore.”
"Any problem with his memory?" (0:31)

Stanley learns of the death of his father Leonides from the director. (0:38)

Iris cries at reminders of her husband’s death. Her sister Sharon tells her, “You can’t hold on forever.” (0:46)

Stanley tells Iris, “I’m a little drunk.”
”I may be drunk, Mrs. King, but I’m house broken.” (0:48)

Iris asks Stanly, “Were you smoking dope, or what?” (0:50)

Stanley tells Iris’ son Richard, “I lost my dad too, not too long ago.” (0:57)

Iris tells Stanley, “I’m in a bad mood.” (1:02)

Iris tells Stanley, “It’s what one nervous woman does.”
”Don’t go crazy.” (1:22)