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Stardust Memories

CastMarie-Christine Barrault, J.E. Beaucaire, Ken Chapin, Leonardo Cimino
Year released1980
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When Dorrie admits she has stopped taking her lithium (presumably for a mental disorder that runs in her family (0:25)), Sandy urges her to continue the medication (0:10).

A psychoanalyst, referring to guilt, asserts that it would take years to achieve a cure (0:21).

A brace of hounds tracks down hostility represented by a Sasquatch (Bigfoot) like creature whose victims' bodies litter the ground. A man confronts him waving his only weapon, a pipe: "I'm a psychoanalyst. This is my pipe." (0:29)

A psychoanalyst recounts the analysis (1:13), saying Bates' inability to block out reality led to a condition he says he labels Ozymandias melancholia in an article he has published in the "psychoanalytic journal."

Reference in St. Elmo's Fire

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