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Starting Over

Burt Reynolds, Jill Clayburgh, Candice Bergen, Charles Durning, Frances Sternhagen, Austin Pendleton, Mary Kay Place, Macintyre Dixon, Jay O. Sanders, Charles Kimbrough, Richard Whiting, Wallace Shawn
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His psychiatrist brother Mickey tells writer Phil, “I’m gonna help you whether you like it or not, and I’m not talking about psychiatry.”
Phil:“Psychiatry is not gonna do a thing for me Mickey.”
Mickey: ”Who’s talking psychiatry? I’m not a psychiatrist anymore.”
”I’m teaching psychiatry.”
”It’s not psychiatry.” (0:06)

Group member Everett, referring to another member Paul, “It’s this crazy thing he has.” (0:21)

Marie tells Phil, “I went through a lot of depression after my divorce, a lot.” (0:27)

Teacher Marilyn tells Phil, “I’m just so nervous for some reason.”
”I get nervous sometimes about not having kids.” (0:31)

Phil tells Marilyn, “One is I’m very nervous about teaching this class for the first time.” (0:38)

Phil tells Marilyn, “If you can avoid it I’d prefer you didn’t act crazy anymore.” (0:42)

Phil asks Marilyn, “Are you crazy?” (0:46)

Phil tells Marilyn, “It’s because I’m nervous...” (0:53)

Phil tells Marilyn, referring to his ex-wife, “I think the reason that you went berserk when Jessica called is that you don’t know where we stand.” (0:58)

Phil asks his songwriter ex-wife Jessica, “Have you lost your marbles?” (1:12)

Marilyn tells Mickey, “I was just about to panic.”
Phil appears to suffer a panic attack.
Mickey asks, “Does anyone have a Valium?”
”You’re having an anxiety problem.”
Mickey has him breathe into a paper bag. Mickey tells Marilyn, “It’s anxiety, that’s all.” (1:20)

Mickey tells Marilyn, referring to athlete John, “We went into it when he was my patient.” (1:32)

Phil asks Jessica, “Are you crazy?”
Jessica: ”I’m not the crazy one.” (1:33)

Phil tells Marilyn, “If I don’t touch you soon I’m gonna go out of my mind.” (1:42)

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