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Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling, Elizabeth Reaser, Janeane Garofalo, Bob Hoskins, B.D. Wong, Kate Burton, Mark Margolis, Michael Gaston
Klonopin | clonazepam | Xanax | alprazolam | Sigmund Freud
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psychiatrist's office secretary tells someone on the phone: “I just started drinking and doing a lot of, like, pills... I know you go to meetings.” (0:03)

Patient Henry asks psychiatrist Sam, “What are you, a substitute shrink?”
“So you treat the, uh, depressed investment bankers, paranoid housewives all week?“
Sam: “It’s the other way around. The bankers are paranoid, and the housewives are depressed.” (0:04)

Sam looks at scars on his girlfriend Lila’s wrist. (0:07)

A woman on a subway asks Henry, “You did that presentation on psychosis and Tristan Rêveur, right?”
Henry snuffs his cigarette on his forearm. (0:09)

Sam leaves a message for psychiatrist Beth, “Look, I met with your patient today...” (0:10)

Henry tells Sam, “Well, I’m hearing voices now.”
Henry imitates a gun with his right hand as though shooting himself in the head.
Sam: ”You’re gonna try and kill yourself?”
”If you talk to me about suicide I’m required to take certain actions.” (0:13)

Emergency room staff restrain an agitated woman, Daisy. Dr. Ren injects her.
Sam: “I’m used to dealing with neurotic stockbrokers.”
Ren: ”Neurotic stockbrokers pay better. So, uh, what brings you to Club Meds?”
”I have a student threatening to kill himself.”
”He won’t take any meds.” (0:16)

Sam counts pills next to a prescription bottle labeled “Klonopin” and “Lila Culpepper.”
Lila: “You know what I’ve been craving all day?”
Sam: “Ever heard of doctor-patient privilege?”
Lila: “He wants to kill himself.”
Sam: “He has a right to confidential counseling.”
”He wants to kill himself on Saturday night.” (0:18)

Sam tells Henry, “I think the tradition is to go out and get drunk.” (0:24)

Sam tells Lila, “You stopped taking your pills.”
”I can’t paint on meds.”
Sam: “Well, it make me nervous.”
”I’m not happy you’re counting my pills in secret.” (0:28)

The woman from the subway asks Henry, “Do you get nervous?” (0:30)

Henry's father Leon asks Sam, “Do you remember the dream of the burning boy referred to by Freud?” (0:31)

Ren tells Sam, “Because they’ve got more important things to do than look for depressed college students.”
”The kid hears voices and carries a gun.” (0:36)

Lila tells Sam, referring to artist Tistan, “He burned all his paintings before he killed himself.”
Sam: “He killed himself?”
Lila: “When he was 18 he told everyone he’d live three more years then go to New York and kill himself... left a note... ‘An elegant suicide is the ultimate work of art.’”
”Can you imagine hating your life so much that you want to bring a backup razor?” (0:38)

Sam speaks into the phone: “I’m a psychiatrist.” (0:43)

Sam tells Henry’s mother, “I’m sorry to say, he’s threatened to commit suicide.” (0:45)

Henry’s mother tells Sam, “You think I don’t know you Henry?” (0:46)

Nurse injecting Sam’s arm. (0:48)

Sam tells Sheriff Kennelly, referring to Henry, “He’s a patient of mine.” (0:49)

Sam tells Lila, “I had the shots and the painkillers... Beth’s had a nervous breakdown... saw twice.” (0:54)

Sam tells Henry, “I mean if you were just going to kill yourself you would have done it by now.”
“Sometimes suicide is an attempt for attention.” (0:57)

A waitress asks Sam, referring to Henry’s girlfriend Athena, “What are you, her stalker?”
”I’m a psychiatrist.”
Waitress: “A psychiatrist, huh? So you could write a Xanax prescription.”
Sam: “I could write a Xanax prescription for one of my patients who needed it, yeah.” (1:03)

Sam tells Athena, “I’m a psychiatrist, and I have a patient who, uh, likes you very much.”
”I feel really stupid saying this stuff to a psychiatrist. You’ll think I’m insane.”
Sam: ”He’s going to kill himself.” (1:06)

A bookstore manager tells Sam, referring to Henry, “The kid’s obsessed with Rêveur.” (1:15)

Sam, asks Lila, “Listen, Tristan Rêveur killed himself on his 21st birthday, right?”
”How’d he kill himself?”
Lila: “Um, he shot himself on the Brooklyn Bridge.” (1:17)

Leon tells Sam, “The world is an illusion.” (1:19)

Henry places the muzzle of his pistol in his mouth. (1:24)