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Stealing Paradise

Rachael Leigh Cook, Graham Abbey, Paula Jean Hixson
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Engineer Amanda asks her brother Steven, "I mean, can you guys go to counseling or anything?"
Steven, referring to his wife Rebecca: "She wanted a soulmate, not a workaholic who's never home." (0:11)

Amanda tells her supervisor Brendan, "You're delusional." (0:30)

Amanda recalls to Steven the death of their father when his plane crashed. (0:46)

Prosecutor Ainsworth tells the jury, "Narcissistic rage... can occur when pride, ego and an exalted view of oneself replaces all decency and morality... Amanda Collier, in a narcissistic rage, murdered Brendan Cavanaugh..." (0:48)

Expert witness: "Narcissism is a personality disorder stemming from pride. Narcissistic rage can occur when something or someone prevents an individual from realizing his ambitions." (0:50)

Steven cross examines: "Then, again, you are a board certified psychiatrist with an extensive list of credentials."
"And always on the issue of narcissistic rage?"
Witness: "... on a variety of psychiatric issues."
"I used a psychiatric diagnostic questionnaire..." (0:52)

Amanda tells detectives Usher and Sanders, referring to Steven, "He has a broken ankle and a concussion..." (0:57)

Amanda's coworker, Brendan's lover, Elise tells Amanda, "I've been so selfish, so obsessed with hiding my relationship with Brendan..." (0:59)

Amanda asks Usher, referring to Brendan's police officer brother Mason, "Okay, so why is he stalking me?" (1:06)

Steven asks Amanda, referring to Elise, "Was she depressed?"
Amanda: "...I don't think she'd kill herself..." (1:09)

Company lawyer McNassy tells Amanda, referring to Elise, "I understand she took her own life."
McNassy: "... with a girlfriend as pathetically and dangerously neurotic as Elise." (1:19)