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Stella Dallas (1937)

Barbara Stanwyck, John Boles, Anne Shirley, Barbara O'Neil, Alan Hale, Marjorie Main, George Walcott, Ann Shoemaker, Tim Holt, Nella Walker, Bruce Satterlee, Jimmy Butler
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Headline: "What Had the Suicide of Banker Dallas To Do with the Recent Wedding of Beautiful Helen Dane?"
Stella Martin reads: ”... the childhood sweetheart of young Stephen Dallas, the sweetheart until that tragic hour when his millionaire father, bankrupt and ill, committed suicide.” (0:03)

Stella answers her husband Stephen Dallas, "Because I was crazy about you, silly, and I still am."
Stephen: ”Once, a long time ago, you said you were crazy to learn everything...” (0:24)

Stella tells her friend, "Gosh, Carrie, you know, I used to think girls at the mill were crazy when they got married and right off the bat started having kids."
Referring to Stephen and their daughter: ”He’s crazy about her.” (0:25)

Ed Munn asks Stella, referring to her daughter Laurel, "Has she grown, or am I crazy?" (0:26)

Stella tells teacher Miss Margaret Phillibrown, referring to Laurel, "She’s crazy about that stuff." (0:34)

Laurel tells Stella, referring to Stephen’s friend Helen Morrison, "You’ll be crazy about her."
”... with her money, she don’t have to worry about her looks.” (0:55)

Ed arrives at Stella’s place apparently intoxicated. (0:56)

Stephen tells Stella, "... there's no earthly reason in the world why you should spend the day all alone just because I’ve been selfish and thoughtless." (1:04)

Young man, referring to Stella: "Was she a panic when Pete lobbed one over the fence, and she started chasing after it?" (1:15)

Her boyfriend Richard tells Laurel, referring to her watch, "Don’t worry about it." (1:17)

Stella tells Helen, referring to Laurel, "... I thought that you being so crazy about her father, and she taking after him so much... "
”Everybody’s just crazy about her... she’s crazy about you already..” (1:25)

Laurel tells Helen, "... but, uh, I’ve been worrying and worrying about something." (1:29)

Stella finds Ed intoxicated. (1:34)