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The Stendhal Syndrome

Asia Argento, Thomas Kretschmann, Marco Leonardi, Paolo Bonacelli, Luigi Diberti, Julien Lambroschini, John Quentin, Franco Diogene, Lucia Stara, Sonia Topazio
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Detective Anna faints while viewing art in the Uffizi Gallery. (0:06)

Anna does not know her name. (0:09)

Anna reads a handwritten prescription: “One to relax, two to sleep.” (0:12)

Bystander, referring to the murderer: “This guy’s a real wacko.” (0:16)

A doctor shows Anna a syringe, “It’s a light sedative, to help you relax.”
He injects her shoulder.”
Don’t worry about your loss of memory. This kind of amnesia is almost always temporary.” (0:24)

Anna, overwhelmed by visual stimuli, pierces her fingertip with the wire of a paperclip. (0:30)

Chief Inspector Manetti: “Anna, they want you to... start seeing our psychologist twice a week.” (0:31)

Anna meets with psychologist Dr. Cavanna.
Anna: “There was a long line, lots of confusion... The paintings, they seemed to be floating... Then I entered a painting... I know it sounds crazy.”
Cavanna: ”Let’s try never to use words like crazy.”
He reads from a book entitled, ‘La Sindrome di Stendhal’: “The symptoms include a cold sweat, nausea, anxiety, hallucinations, severe depression and personality changes.”
He tells Anna, “In 1817 a French writer, Stendhal, was in Florence... That’s what happened to you in the Uffizi is known as the Stendhal Syndrome.” (0:32)

Session with Cavanna. “I keep cutting myself, hurting myself.”
Cavanna: “A rapist killer stalked you... Second, you got... a shock followed by hallucinations: the Stendhal Syndrome.” (0:40)

Anna tells her father the police sent her to a “psychologist.” (0:44)

Anna talks to Cavanna by telephone. (0:45)

Alfredo tells Anna, “You know, junkies used to use this place... They left to shoot up somewhere else.” (0:59)

Alfredo holds the muzzle of Anna’s pistol to his head as though to kill himself. (1:03)

Anna hallucinates while looking at graffiti. (1:05)

Session with Cavanna.
Anna: “My friend Betty says I’m crazy.”
Cavanna: “Anna, why do you continue to use the word crazy?”
Anna: “Anyway, thanks to you I’ve recovered from one thing: the Stendhal syndrome. Paintings don’t obsess me anymore.” (1:17)

Session with Cavanna. (1:22)

Anna reacts with grief at the death of her lover Marie. (1:37)

Marco leaves a message for Anna: “There’s another lunatic running around, an imitator.” (1:45)

Anna tells Marco, referring to Cavanna, “He was saying crazy things.”
Referring to Alfredo: “He’s inside of me. I’ve become him.” (1:49)