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Max von Sydow, Dominique Sanda, Pierre Clementi
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Handwritten note: "For madmen only" (0:02)

Harry Haller: "I had pains, took some opium..." (0:02)

Title: "For Madmen Only" (0:04)

Harry: "Knowing the bliss of meditation no less than the gloomy joys of hatred and self-loathing... the spray of their momentary ecstasy is flung so high over the wide sea of suffering... he appointed his fiftieth birthday as the day on which he might take leave of this world... Suicide, unhappy Steppenwolf, will not serve your purpose... You are aware of the magic theater of the self..." (0:11)

Funeral procession (0:14)

His friend tells Harry, "I’m praying for a hero to be born among us... to filter the minutest detail, the contours of the very archetype within us..."
Harry, referring to his friend’s wife: ”Please tell her I’m a schizophrenic...”
”... I’m... usually quite drunk.”
”... instead of driving on obsessively toward a new war.” (0:19)

Hermine tells Harry, "Don’t panic."
”Perhaps you’d better go home and hang yourself after all.” (0:26)

Harry tells Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, "... you preached... delusion that our spiritual strivings mean something..."
Goethe: ”... no wonder you’re so grouchy.” (0:34)

Hermine: "Oh Harry, you are an idiot." (0:36)

Hermine tells Harry, referring to his first love Rosa, "... she was probably crazy about you." (0:40)

Harry tells Hermine, referring to his old schoolmate Herman, "He... shot himself in the head." (0:45)

Saxophonist Pablo insufflates a drug. Harry and Hermine follow. Cocaine? (0:56)

Goethe gives Harry a token inscribed "Magic Theater tonight for madmen only Hermine is in hell" (1:14)

Hermine tells Harry, "You dreamed of escape." (1:18)

Pablo tells Harry, "... but the price of admission will be a trifling little suicide... you must extinguish the superfluous reflections you call your personality."
”It’s only illusion...” (1:19)

Goethe asks Harry, "Do you want instructions in building up your personality?"
”... of your personality.”
Harry: ”But all these personalities in one man, that’s schizophrenia.” (1:28)

Harry tells his childhood friend Rosa O’Flynn, "They’re terrible compulsions, urges that come over me." (1:33)

Harry smokes a hookah. (1:33)

Judge of the theater, referring to Harry: "He has, in addition, displayed the intention to use our theater as a mechanism of suicide..." (1:45)