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Still Mine

James Cromwell, Geneviève Bujold, Campbell Scott, Julie Stewart, Rick Roberts, George R. Robertson, Barbara Gordon, Jonathan Potts, Zachary Bennett
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Irene tells her farmer husband Craig, “Doesn't seem like a day for a funeral, does it?”
Memorial service. (0:04)

His daughter Ruth asks Craig, “Doctor didn't say anything about her memory?” (0:08)

Craig tells John, referring to Irene, “She‘s fine.” Denial? (0:12)

Craig tells John, “Well son, the way I look at it, age is just an abstraction, not a straightjacket.“ (0:22)

Irene asks Craig, “Did I bump my head or lose my mind?” (0:47)

Ruth asks John, “Are you completely delusional?” (0:52)

Irene tells Ruth, “I can’t remember it at all.”
Craig: “You bumped your head.”
Irene: ”What if I forget everything?” (0:54)

Irene: “You were drunk.”
Craig: ”No, not drunk.”
Irene: “Tipsy.”(1:12)

By telephone Margaret tells Craig, referring to his friend, her husband, ”Chester died.” (1:25)

Memorial service for Chester. (1:32)