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Still of the Night

Meryl Streep, Roy Scheider, Joe Grifasi, Sara Botsford
Jackson Pollock
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Psychoanalysis session with psychiatrist Dr. Sam Rice. (0:03)

Auction house worker Brooke Reynolds tells Sam, referring to George Bynum, "... I heard that he was dead."
Sam: ”Don’t worry about it.” (0:05)

Police detective Joseph Vitucci tells Sam, "You’re a psychologist, huh?"
Sam: ”Psychiatrist.”
Vitucci: ”And George Bynum was your patient, huh?”
”How long you been treating him?”
Vitucci: ”What exactly was it that you were treating the deceased for?”
Sam: ”I’m sorry, that’s confidential information.”
Vitucci: ”... but if you think of anything that’s not confidential...” (0:08)

His psychiatrist mother Dr. Grace Rice tells Sam, "I got a call from a patient."
Sam: ”I’m in no mood for it.”
”I lost a patient.”
Grace: ”I’m talking shrink to shrink.”
”There’s supposed to be some kind of emotional reaction.” (0:12)

Sam, referring to Bynum: "In today’s session he was distracted and upset." (0:14)

In a session, Bynum tells Sam, referring to a woman, "I mean, she’s very tense." (0:21)

Bynum watches Brooke with a man in her apartment through her window. (0:23)

Sam: "The patient reported a dream in today’s session." (0:24)

Crispin’s auction house employee Gail Phillips tells Sam, "We have an excellent Blue Cross program for our employees which covers full psychiatric benefits..." (0:28)

Vitucci: "Miss Wilson, how often did Mr. Bynum have an appointment with his psychiatrist?"
Vitucci tells Sam, ”And you’re gonna tell me that’s confidential information.”
”... the guys at forensic came up with a sort of a psychological portrait of the killer...”
Sam: ”George Bynum was a patient of mine for almost two years...”
Vitucci: ”I don’t know what they can do to a psychiatrist who withholds information...” (0:30)

Brooke tells Sam, referring to Bynum, "We had been having this affair..." (0:34)

Sam tells Grace, referring to Bynum's dream, "I can only think that she’s some sort of displacement for the mother or the sister."
”I’m a much better shrink than I ever would have been a second baseman...” (0:37)

Sam tells a mugger, "I know this sounds a little crazy..." (0:44)

Sam tell Vitucci, "I was having a problem with a patient."
”Look, a patient of mine is murdered..” (0:45)

Sam tells Brooke, "My last patient is at 7:00"
”Got a patient in about half an hour.” (0:49)

Auction house worker Heather Wilson tells Sam, referring to Brooke, "Doctor, I’m really very worried about her." (0:51)

Auctioneer: "A painting by Jackson Pollock..." (0:57)

Brooke answers Sam, "My father’s death."
Referring to her mother, her father and a letter: ”She told me my father had turned me against her and that that had broken her heart... he made a joke about my mother, that she was probably drunk when she wrote it... They said he died instantly.” (1:12)