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Stir of Echoes

Zachary David Cope, Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Erbe, Illeana Douglas, Kevin Dunn, Conor O'Farrell, Lusia Strus, Stephen Eugene Walker, Mary Kay Cook, Larry Neumann Jr.
methamphetamine | lithium | caffeine
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Lenny asks the other partiers, "Hey, hey, did any of you guys see them crank dealers?"
Hypnotist Lisa: "Not drunk enough for." (0:06)

Lisa asks the others, "Haven't you ever heard about people being operated on when they're under hypnosis?"
Another partier: "I mean, people who say that they were hypnotized weren't really."
Lisa: "You know I saw a guy in my class get a 2 inch needle stuck into the thick of his arm by my instructor when he was under hypnosis."
Lisa: "I'm practically a licensed hypnotherapist."
Lisa's lineman brother Tom's friend Frank(?) off camera: "Why don't you hypnotize somebody?"

Lisa's brother Tom: "Come on, Lisa, hypnotize me."
Lisa: "No, you're drunk."
Tom: "I'm not drunk!"
Lisa: "You're not supposed to mesmerize somebody who's been drinking."
Tom: "Mesmerize."
Lisa hypnotizes Tom.
Lisa: "Well, I mean, there's only 8% of the population that's, like, highly hypnotizable."
Tom's wife Maggie asks him, "Well, what was it, then? Hallucination?"
Tom: "You're jealous of my hallucinations?" (0:19)

Lisa tells Tom on the telephone, "I haven't... I have absolutely no caffeine in my system, you know. Okay, you're asking me if I gave you post..."
Tom: "Post-hypnotic suggestion."
Lisa: "You know, therapists do it all the time. It releases repressed memories..." (0:20)

Maggie asks Tom, "Are you nuts?" (0:31)

Lisa tells Maggie, referring to Tom's behavior, "Nothing a little lithium couldn't cure." (0:35)

Lenny tells Tom's landlord Harry, referring to missing girl Samantha, "Oh, you mean the retard." (0:36)

Maggie tells Lisa, "You won't be the first woman is had to hold an insane family together."
"Tom's not crazy."
Lenny: "The retard."
"Retard?" (0:38)

In a dream Tom tells Frank's football star son Adam, referring to his revolver, "Those things made me kind of nervous."
Adam shoots himself. (0:41)

A bagpiper plays in a cemetery. Maggie and her son Jake wander near a funeral. (0:45)

Maggie tells psychic police officer Neil, referring to Tom, "He's so paranoid."
"He was hypnotized." (0:51)

Tom tells Lisa, "I want you to hypnotize me again."
Lisa hypnotizes Tom. (0:58)

In a telephone conversation Maggie's brother Steve tells her that their grandmother has died. (1:08)

Maggie tells Tom in a telephone conversation, referring to her family, "Drunk." (1:14)

Tom tells Frank, "I think I know why Adam shot himself."
Frank: "Your talking like a... lunatic." (1:23)

Burial. (1:32)