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Stolen Kisses

Jean-Pierre Léaud, Daniel Ceccaldi, Claude Jade, Delphine Seyrig, Michael Lonsdale, André Falcon, Harry Max
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L'adjudant-chef Picard tells Antoine, "Private Antoine Doinel... is hereby discharged as temperamentally unfit for service." (0:04)

Antoine tells Christine's family he was discharged for "Instability of character." Personality disorder? (0:10)

Referring to Madame Colin, detective Henri tells Antoine, "She takes sleeping pills... The sleeping pill will have her knocked out." (0:15)

Referring to a client, detective Henri tells the other detectives, "He hanged himself."
Agency owner Bladi: "No, he shot himself in the head."
Henri: "Sorry, but he hanged himself from a beam at the Ministry."
Bladi: "Hanging doesn't spill your brains all over the floor."
Henri: "With the belt from his bathrobe." (0:26)

Another detective tells Antoine, "When my grandfather died I was very sad, and my cousin was crying her eyes out." (0:32)

Shoe store owner Georges tells Bladi, "I know what you'll say: I should see a psychoanalyst. It's not the money. I could afford it. But I won't waste my time lying on a couch, talking about my childhood." (0:46)

Henri dies. His coworkers attend the funeral at a cemetery. (1:21)

Christine's stalker explains himself to her. (1:29)

Truffaut's Adventures of Antoine Doinel series:

  1. The 400 Blows
  2. Antoine and Colette
  3. Stolen Kisses
  4. Bed and Board
  5. Love on the Run

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