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Stonehearst Asylum

Cast Kate Beckinsale, Jim Sturgess, Brendan Gleeson, Ben Kingsley, Michael Caine, David Thewlis
Year released2014
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Alienist lecturing to students: "And so we come to that condition which most often afflicts the more nervous sex. Hysteria, derived from the Greek for uterus... Bring in the patient, please. As you can see the patient is a comely woman of five and thirty years who has been under my care in Bethlehem Hospital... classic symptoms of the chronic hysteric.”
”... sometimes call hysteric fits... which is why, as a precautionary measure, I've had her injected with four grains of Heroin."
Eliza pleads with the audience: "I'm not mad. I'm not mad."
Student: "What of the woman's insistence that she is not mad?"
Professor: "Just as every criminal maintains he's innocent, so does every mad woman insist she is sane."
Alienist: "She is all these things and quite mad. And therein lies the paradox of insanity and the great peril of our profession. Thus I caution all you gentlemen, as you embark on your careers as alienists, believe nothing that you hear and only one half of what you see." (0:00)

Girl: "At first Da didn't want to stop on account maybe a lunatic had escaped, but I convinced him you couldn't be since you're headed toward the madhouse and not away from it."
"And you look like a man who has only lost his way, not his mind."
Newgate, referring to Stonehearst Asylum: "Actually going there to complete my training as an alienist. That's a doctor who specializes in asylum medicine."
Girl: "The madhouse is just up that hill." (0:04)

Iron entrance gate: "STONEHEARST LUNATIC ASYLUM" (0:05)

Chief steward Mickey Finn tells Newgate, "Welcome to our little madhouse in the wilderness." (0:07)

Dr. Silas Lamb tells Newgate, "So, it's asylum medicine you wish to practice."
Newgate: "See, of all the afflictions I can think of none more cruel than madness, sir."
Lamb: "You'll find us well stocked with the usual cases: neurasthenia, dementia praecox, incurable homosexuality, epilepsy, melancholia, but where we differ from other asylums is in the social station of our patients." (0:10)

Newgate, referring to patient Terrance: "So his family had him committed?"
Lamb, referring to patient Balzoni: "He gets a tad agitated at feeding times."
Newgate: "Isn't that reinforcing his delusion?"
"What, you don't attempt to cure your patients?"
Lamb: "Here we do not believe in sedating our patients into a stupor with bromides and the like."
"Death cannot be prevented, doctor, any more than madness cured."
Newgate: "Ah, sounds like hysteria."
Lamb: "What treatment would you prescribe?"
Newgate: "Potassium bromide?"
Lamb: "Forget bromides... What treatment would you prescribe?"
"There are few therapies better at restoring the soul than music."
"As one would expect her hysterical episodes worsened following the engagement..."
Newgate: "So her husband had her committed." (0:13)

Newgate tells patient Jeremiah, referring to patient Eliza: "She should be on a stage, not languishing in some asylum."
Lamb: "It's therapeutic for the patients to mix with polite society..." (0:20)

A patient asks Newgate, "... what do you think of our little asylum?"
Man: "But why come all the way here when there are other asylums far closer to London?"
Newgate tells Finn, "Well, to slip someone a Mickey Finn, you know, with knock-out drops..." (0:22)

Women in cells plead with Newgate: "W're not mad. We're not mad..."
Man: "Are you daft?"
Woman: "Please, we're not mad."
A man introduces himself as, "Dr. Benjamin Salt, rightful superintendent of Stonehearst Asylum."
Referring to Lamb: "A lunatic demon of the worst kind."
"Chloral hydrate. It's a surgical anesthetic... lethal in imprecise doses."
Newgate: "A Mickey Finn."
Salt: "There are homicidal maniacs upstairs..." (0:31)

Newgate tells Eliza, "The lunatics are running this asylum." (0:35)

Newgate tells a woman, "I'll bring... some laudanum for that cough of yours."
Salt, referring to Eliza: "She's as mad as the lot of them." (0:38)

Lamb tells Newgate: "Sadists, who find gratification in the debasement of others... Except for these, I believe all men can be rehabilitated..."
Newgate: "Well, 2 grains of opium, I should think, will do the trick."
Lamb, indicating Newgate's eyes: "The asylum doctor's greatest ally." (0:41)

Eliza tells Newgate how she and the other were "strapped to tables and given drugs to dull our senses..."
Newgate: "... the very thought of you locked away in this madhouse is abhorrent..." (0:47)

Newgate finds "RECORD OF PATIENTS, STONEHEARST LUNATIC ASYLUM." He sees the "Psychological Profile" of Lamb. (0:50)

Lamb tells Finn, "I cannot continue to run this bloody asylum on my own."
"Your talents are better suited to... making sure the dipsomaniacs keep the bloody boilers stoked."
Referring to Newgate: "He has the makings of a fine asylum doctor." (0:50)

Finn tells Swanwick, "Aye... but your methods have cured my madness."
A man lets himself fall from a great height. (0:54)

Finn tells Lamb, "One of them threw themselves from Stag's Leap..."
Lamb: "Suicidal tendencies are not uncommon among the seriously deranged..."
"I have an asylum to run, and you... have patients to attend to."
Newgate: "This is madness."
"I said this is madness."
Lamb: "Madness, you say? How dare you accuse me of madness in front of my own staff?"
"Two patients are dead..." (0:55)

Newgate reads Salt's notes on patient Lamb: "Silas remains mute about... the horrific incident that had him committed to this asylum."
Hydrotherapy, patient in a straitjacket."When you have found the thing a man fears most you will have discovered the key to his madness..."
Lamb restrained in a spinning chair.
Lamb in straitjacket: "A sadistic father?" (0:58)

Salt, referring to what Lamb calls his staff: "A bunch of inebriates..."
Lamb: "The melancholiacs are less lethargic since being weaned off the large doses of opium you had them on. The hysterics are less listless... the mongoloids are thriving since being taken out of their restraints..."
Salt: "I think... the opium addicts got into the laudanum... you have imbeciles looking after the boilers. I hope you've enjoyed pretending to be sane, Silas." (1:01)

Newgate tells Eliza, referring to Lamb, "Look, he can't see it because he's blinded by madness."
Eliza, referring to Millie: "Salt had put her in a morphine coma to control her." (1:07)

Lamb tells Newgate he expect "a new treatment... to usher in a whole new era in the humane treatment of lunacy."
Referring to Salt who lies gagged and restrained: "It's a common delusion."
"... we shall banish to history the straitjackets, the cold baths, the nausea machines, the floggings."
"I call it electrotherapy." He applies electrodes to Salt's head. Lamb tells Newgate, "You'll need a stronger stomach if you expect to practice asylum medicine."
Newgate shocks Salt. Lamb: "And now you will see the miraculous effects of this remarkable new therapy."
Referring to now disoriented Salt: "As you can see, a mind that was not moments ago tormented by delusion is now pacified."
Newgate: "You are a patient at Stonehearst Asylum." (1:09)

Newgate tells a woman inmate, "I'm afraid this is the last of the laudanum."
Woman: "There is some good in poor Silas, though I fear it has become deranged by madness."
"Your first instinct was the right one. Think of him as your patient." (1:13)

Lamb: "Peter, my pyromaniac friend, you may do the honors." (1:25)

Newgate draws up a syringe from a bottle labeled "Chloral Hydrate" and injects it into champagne bottles.
Finn: "Spiking the bubbly, I mean. You're slipping 'em all a Mickey Finn." (1:26)

Newgate restrained. He tells Eliza, "You know why I came here, to study asylum medicine." (1:30)

Lamb tells the others that Newgate will be "fully rehabilitated."
Lamb tells Newgate, "You would have made a fine asylum doctor."
Newgate: "You're mad."
Lamb: "We're all mad, Dr. Newgate. Some are simply not mad enough to admit it."
"We start with a dose of 10 seconds."
Lamb holds the electrodes near Newgate's head. (1:34)

Lamb re-experiences the horrors of war and his failed attempt to shoot himself with a revolver. (1:39)

Eliza and Newgate leave Lamb in a catatonic state. Eliza tells Newgate, "Yes, because you are sane, and I am not."
Newgate: "I'm not sane. I'm madly in love with you." (1:42)

The alienist lecturer, at the Stonehearst gate: "No way to run an asylum." (1:43)

The alienist tells nurse Marion that Dr. Newgate is "A very cunning and disturbed patient who until two months ago was under my care at Bethlehem Royal Hospital in London."
Marion: "Why would he go to the trouble of escaping from one asylum only to enter another?"
Newgate in a straitjacket.
Alienist: "He suffers from pseudologia fantastica..." (1:45)

Title: "Santa Cristina Asylum" (1:47)

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