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Stonewall (2015)

Ron Perlman, Jonny Beauchamp, Caleb Landry Jones, Jeremy Irvine, Joey King, Matt Craven, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Truman Capote | Judy Garland | Liza Minnelli | amobarbital-secobarbital | Tuinal | ethyl alcohol
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Title: "Federal law prevents government agencies from hiring homosexuals. They are classified as mentally ill. It is illegal for homosexuals to congregate and be served alcohol. Electroshock therapy is used to ‘cure’ homosexuality." (0:00)

Queen Tooey tells Danny Winters, "Oh, but I’m sure they’re worried to death."
Ray tells Tooey, ”Girl, from the looks of you that's the least of your worries.”
Ray answers Danny, referring to Tooey: ”Because she goes into people’s cabinets and steals their Tuinal. Beans? Jeebs? Downers?” (0:03)

Ray answers Orphan Annie, "Than Judy?"
Annie: ”There’s something so broken about that junkie.”
Ray: ”... Judy’s supposed to be tragic... In The Wizard of Oz, man, she’s just like us...”
Ray, referring to Marsha P. Johnson: ”Marsha is the only drag queen that is nice to us.”
Queen Cong: ”By the way, Judy is not that good of an actress.” (0:09)

Speaker: "But all homosexuals are not passive." (0:11)

High school student Matt tells schoolmate Trevor, "A guy wears a dress..." (0:12)

Danny’s sister Phoebe tells the rest of the family, "Mr. Truman Capote, who wrote In Cold Blood, is also a homosexual."
”... I also want to see Doctor Doolittle...” (0:19)

Ray tells Danny, "You know, where Judy and Liza and Lorna... live..." (0:28)

His father, Coach Brent Winters, tells Danny, referring to football player Joe, "You got him drunk so he wouldn’t even realize what was going on." (0:31)

Queen Conga asks Danny, "Don’t you know that selling alcohol to us sexual deviants is illegal?"
Orphan Annie: ”... they got the drugs, the pills and the booze.” (0:40)

Gay rights activist Trevor tells Danny, referring to the police, "They only arrest the trannies... They’re also gonna arrest the dykes because they’re wearing men’s clothes."
A policeman strikes Ray on the head with a club. (0:49)

Ray tells Danny, "... Dorothy... Dorothy Gale, from The Wizard of Oz." (0:56)

Trevor tells Danny, "That’s nuts." (1:07)

Danny asks Trevor, "You still drunk...?" (1:10)

Veteran Bob Kohler, referring to Ray: "... if he can stick the endless goddamn abuse, he’ll be there for you, Danny." (1:14)

Newspaper headline: "Judy Garland... Found Dead" (1:15)

Ray: "Danny, Judy just died."
”It’s people like you, Danny, who misunderstood Judy... Don’t worry about it.”
”I’m really stressed out...” (1:16)

Television reporter: "... struggling with emotional problems and drug addiction, Miss Garland..." (1:19)

A trick, dressed as a woman, tells Danny, "I understood that metaphor..." (1:25)

Detective Seymour Pine asks his partner, "Should I be worried?" (1:28)

Phoebe tells Danny, referring to their parents, "Well, I told them that their behavior was not at all Christian towards you." (1:52)

Title: "Marsha P. Johnson became a co-founder of S.T.A.R., an organization which helped young drag queens and trans women... Initially ruled a suicide, her case was re-opened in 2012." (1:58)