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Story of a Love Affair

Lucia Bose, Massimo Girotti, Ferdinando Sarmi, Gino Rossi, Marika Rowsky, Rosi Mirafiore, Rubi D'Alma, Anita Farra
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The schoolmaster asks a teacher: "Oh, sir, we need your photographic memory." (0:04)

Paola's friend Matilda tells her father, "Idiot!" (0:10)

Industrialist Enrico asks his wife Paola, "Are you in a bad mood?" (0:14)

Paola’s lover Guido tells model Joy and car dealer Valerio, referring to an exotic automobile, "That idiot Bottini won't give me one." (0:36)

Fundraiser host: "The dress will be auctioned to benefit disabled veterans." (0:42)

Enrico: "My wife's mad." (0:42)

Lady in dress salon, referring to Paola: "So uptight." (0:52)

Paola asks Guido, "Are you insane?" (0:57)

Paola asks Enrico, "Are you drunk?"
Enrico: "I'm never drunk. Just a bit tipsy." (1:02)

Paola tells Guido, referring to Enrico, "He was a bit tipsy." (1:04)

Joy tells Guido, "The thought drives me mad." (1:11)

Paola tells Guido, "I'm a bundle of nerves." (1:13)