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James Spader, Joanne Whalley, Jason Robards, Charlotte Lewis, Michael Warren, Piper Laurie, Michael Parks, Chuck McCann, Charles Haid, Chino 'Fats' Williams, Woody Strode, Jeff Perry, Steve Forrest
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Newspaper headline: “St. Albans Inquiry Suspended After Fowler Suicide.” (0:00)

Shotgun, gunshot, body floating in water. (0:01)

Newspaper headline: “Widow Blames Suicide on Investigation.” (0:01)

Congress candidate Cray’s campaign manager Peter: “This makes me very nervous.” (0:07)

Cray tells attorney Nathan LeFleur, “Bootlegger built it during the prohibition.”
LeFleur: ”Your father killed himself the day he was scheduled to testify.” (0:08)

Cray tells prosecutor Natalie, “I'd like to know why my father killed himself.”
”Well, I was drunk at the time.” (0:21)

Cray’s uncle Clifford tells Cray, referring to Cray’s father, “When Ray took his life, I swore I'd try to be a good father to you.” (0:33)

Cray and a preacher wander through the church graveyard. (1:08)

Natalie asks witness Abe Choate, “Just an instinct?” (1:14)

Clifford: “Why, hell, Cray, you don’t even look like you’re drunk yet.” (1:40)

Clifford tells Cray, “I know this sounds crazy, but the way you handled this... it's almost the best thing that could have happened to you.” (1:43)

Clifford kills himself with his shotgun. (1:46)