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Straight Outta Compton

CastO'Shea Jackson Jr., Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, Neil Brown Jr., Aldis Hodge, Marlon Yates Jr, Lakeith Lee Stanfield, Paul Giamatti, Alexandra Shipp, Elena Goode, Angela Gibbs, Lisa Renee Pitts
Year released2015
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Television reporter: “Violent street gangs from Los Angeles are now trafficking in drugs in cities far from their own turf... The war on drugs is focused on crack... the super addiction.”
President Ronald Reagan: ”Drugs are menacing our society.” (0:00)

”I had some crazy shit happen on the bus today... That shit was crazy.” (0:13)

A cop asks Ice Cube, “Where you got the... rocks, homeboy?”
“Not everybody’s slangin’ dope, man.” (0:15)

Dr. Dre tells club owner Lonzo, “You saw they went crazy for that shit.” (0:19)

Dr. Dre tells drug dealer Eazy-E, I’m just saying, if you can slang dope, you can slang...”
Eazy-E: “Just tell the whole... world I sell dope.”
Dre: ”You can slang dope, you can slang records, man.”
”It’s crazy.” (0:23)

Recording agent Jerry tells Eazy-E, “You’re crazy, man... I will block out all the noise of this crazy... business.” (0:35)

Ice Cube: “That shit was crazy.” (0:41)

His girlfriend Lavetta asks Dre, “Are you crazy?”
Dre: “Are you crazy?” (0:45)

Manager Jerry asks a cop, “What, are you crazy?” (0:47)

Ice Cube: “This shit is crazy.” (0:52)

Eazy-E: “That shit was crazy.” (0:54)

Ice Cube: “Speak a little truth, and people lose their minds.” (0:58)

Ice Cube tells Eazy and Jerry, “I must be trippin’.” (1:00)

Dre grieves when he learns of the death of his brother Tyree. (1:01)

Dre and his mother Verna share their grief at the mausoleum. (1:03)

Police officer: “No person shall disturb the peace by participating or abetting in any rude, indecent, drunken, riotous or violent conduct.” (1:03)

Reporter: “Yeah, but your songs, they glamorize the lifestyle of gangs, guns, drugs.”
Ice Cube: “We get AKs from Russia and cocaine from Columbia.” (1:10)

Jerry tells Eazy, “You’re gonna be out of your mind later.” (1:18)

Eazy asks Ren, “Why you drunk all the goddamn time?” (1:22)

Dre tells rapper Snoop, “It’s a new track for this new movie. It’s called Deep Cover.” (1:35)

Eazy tells Suge, “You crazier than I thought you was.” (1:37)

Dre tells party guest Nicole, “We’ve been known to get crazy from time to time.” (1:43)

Marijuana piled on a scale.
Eazy, taking a hit from a joint: “You know, if we bag all this shit up in ounces we should probably be straight”
Jerry: “It looks like you’re... cutting up weed.” (1:47)

Tomica, smoking a joint, asks Eazy, “Why you stressin’?”
She gives Eazy a hit. (1:50)

Suge tells Dre, “You trippin’.” (1:55)

Eazy tells Ice Cube, “I saw Boyz n the Hood.”
Ice Cube: “How you go from selling rocks in the dope house to having dinner in the White House with the President?” (1:58)

Eazy tells Dre, “Man, I mean I know shit kinda went crazy...” (2:06)

Eazy tells the others, “You already know this new N.W.A shit about to be crazy.” (2:08)

Dre tells Eazy, “Hey, you remember that time when we was making Boyz n the Hood?” (2:14)

Grief after the death of Eazy. (2:16)

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