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Strange Bedfellows

Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Gig Young, Terry-Thomas
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Oil executive Carter Harrison tells his coworker Richard Bramwell, "You are out of your skull."
”You don’t know what kind of a nut I was married to.”
Richard: ”What kind of a nut was she.” (0:08)

Carter tells his fashion designer wife Toni Vincente, "We must have been out of our minds."
”If we weren’t such idiots, we’d have had children years ago.” (0:20)

Toni tells Carter, referring to ISFAE, "Oh, it’s growing like mad, darling."
Carter: ”Your father was a nut.”
”He got drunk and fell off a wall.” (0:25)

Carter tells Richard, referring to Toni, "She’s still the same half-brained lunatic she was seven years ago."
”She’s still a fruitcake.”
Richard: ”That fruitcake...”
Carter: ”I may have to dope her.” (0:31)

Her editor husband and boss Harry Jones tells Toni, "Now don’t worry about a thing, darling." (0:33)

Carter: "I’ve been under a terrible nervous strain."
Dispatcher: ”Who’ve you got there, Lawrence of Arabia?” (0:36)

Richard tells Carter, "Boy, you really did marry a nut."
Carter: ”A nut?”
Richard: ”Look, if you want to commit suicide, use my razor... you can hang yourself on the cord.” (0:55)

Carter tells Toni, "... don’t worry."
”Call it selfish if you like...” (1:01)

Harry asks Richard, "What’s an important American business executive doing mixing with our lunatic fringe?" (1:06)

Toni: "But Harry, it’s absolutely confidential." (1:11)

Harry tells Richard, "My chief was worried that the CIA might be using him as some sort of undercover agent." (1:13)

Carter tells Toni, "... I promise you you have nothing at all to worry about." (1:14)

Company CEO J. L. Stevens: "Shocking, isn’t it."
Richard: ”Oh, shocking.”
J. L. tells Richard, ”It’s not his father, you idiot.”
Richard: ”One of those crazy Italians.” (1:16)

J. L. tells Richard, "I don’t know why I was worried about Carter’s wife." (1:20)

Harry tells Toni, "Don’t worry."
”Don’t worry.” (1:20)

Carter asks an undertaker, "Are you crazy?" (1:23)

In an accident Toni strikes her head and loses consciousness. (1:24???)

By telephone, Carter tells a hospital woman, "There’s been an automobile accident, and my wife is unconscious..."
Woman: ”Our sympathy, sir.” (1:27)

Richard tells J. L., referring to Toni, "Phony blonde charging around on a mad horse."
”She’s gone berserk with sorrow.” (1:30)

Judge: "My sympathies, Constable." (1:32)

Richard: "Don’t worry, J. L." (1:32)

Carter’s lawyer Jim Slade tells the judge, referring to Carter, "... he was suddenly shocked to his very roots at the sight of his own wife..." (1:33)