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Strange Days

Ralph Fiennes, Angela Bassett, Juliette Lewis, Tom Sizemore, Michael Wincott, Vincent D'Onofrio, Glenn Plummer, Brigitte Bako, Richard Edson, William Fichtner
epinephrine | Adrenalin | methamphetamine
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Robber Lane: “Are you crazy, man?”
”... retard.”
POV robber: “This is insane, man.” (0:01)

By telephone, virtual reality software dealer Lenny tells Jerry, “It’s a little crazed right now.” (0:06)

Lenny suggests to prospective customer, attorney Keith, he might want to experience, “Running into a liquor store with a .357 magnum in your hand, feeling the Adrenalin pumping through your veins...”
”I’m your shrink.” (0:21)

Lenny asks Keith, “Nervous?” (0:24)

Lenny’s private investigator friend Max tells their limo driver friend Mace, “Use the ‘F’ [for punk singer Faith] word around Lenny, it triggers a maudlin display, and you gotta tranquilize him.” (0:30)

Lenny asks Mace, “Are you crazy?” (0:35)

Lenny tells music producer Philo Gant, referring to the death of rap artist Jeriko One, “Important for your label, which is no doubt why you’re in mourning.” (0:40)

Faith tells Philo, “You are too goddamned paranoid...”
Philo: ”Paranoia’s just reality on a finer scale.” (0:41)

Faith tells Lenny, referring to Philo, “He’s acting crazy... He’s gotten completely paranoid.” (0:47)

Mace tells Lenny, “I mean, between working vice and your current so-called occupation you must have seen every kind of perversion.” (0:51)

Lenny learns of the death of prostitute Iris. (0:57)

Lenny tells Max, referring to the man who murdered Iris, “Okay, he stalks her...” (0:59)

Lenny: “You’re... crazy, Faith. You’re... crazy.” (1:04)

Mace asks Lenny, referring to Iris’ killer, “So this guy’s not a psycho?”
Lenny: “No, he’s a psycho.” (1:07)

Mace tells Lenny, “Stop being so paranoid.” (1:14)

Software dealer Tick tells Lenny, referring to Iris, “She was shaking like a junkie.” (1:15)

Lenny mimics Mace: “Don’t be so paranoid, Lenny.” (1:17)

Lenny asks Mace, “Are you out of your... mind?” (1:21)

Max: “Those two psycho cops are on a slash and burn, man...”
Quoting someone else: “Do something you... morons.”
Lenny: “It’s conspiracy paranoia.”
Max: “The issue isn’t whether you’re paranoid... The issue is whether you’re paranoid enough.” (1:33)

Faith tells Mace and Lenny, “Philo, he’s gotten obsessed with playback. He’s a total wiretrip junkie... [referring to Iris] She’s freaking out.” (1:37)

Faith tells Philo, “Well, I’m certainly in the mood for a party.” (1:41)

Lenny tells Mace, “When I met Faith, she was just another runaway, giving $20 blow jobs to buy crank... like she could take all the hurt and rage of the entire world...” (1:44)

Lenny replays Max’s words: “The issue isn’t whether you’re paranoid... The issue is whether you’re paranoid enough.” (2:02)

Officer Engleman places the muzzle of a pistol in his mouth and pulls the trigger, killing himself. (2:13)