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The Stranger (1946)

Richard Long, Loretta Young, Edward G. Robinson, Orson Welles, Philip Merivale, Martha Wentworth
Paul Goebbels | Heinrich Himmler | Adolf Hitler
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Nazi hunter Mr. Wilson awakens from a traumatic head injury. (0:18)

Prof. Charles tells Mr. Wilson, “A psychiatrist could explain it better... another Hitler.” (0:30)

His new wife Mary tells Charles, referring to her brother, “No, that’s why Noah’s so anxious.” (0:44)

Charles tells Mary, “She told me unless I promised to marry her, she’d never return to shore... Before I could stop her she stood up in the boat... She was gone.”
”Darling, I’m terribly nervous.” (0:46)

Mr. Wilson tells Mary, referring to Charles, “Unlike Goebbels, Himmler, and the rest of them, Kindler had a passion for anonymity... He has a hobby that almost amounts to a mania: clocks.” (1:01)

Wilson tells Mary’s father, Judge Adam, referring to Mary, “But we have one ally, her subconscious... The will to truth within your daughter is much too strong to be denied.”
”Unless I’m mistaken, she’s headed for a breakdown. That’s the usual result of a person being inwardly divided.”
Referring to Charles, ”He can’t afford to trust a person approaching hysteria.” (1:05)

Druggist Mr. Potter tells Charles, “Filling out prescriptions, that's the part of this business I hate. Sleeping pills.”
”Sleeping pills, don’t approve of them.” (1:09)

Wilson, referring to Mary: “Her subconscious has almost won.” (1:13)

When Mary sees Noah alive she faints. (1:26)

Charles tells Mary, “But darling, you’re on the verge of a breakdown. Now you’ve cracked... Any child could see you’d wind up killing yourself.” (1:31)