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Matthew Modine, Michael Wright, Mitchell Lichtenstein, David Alan Grier, Guy Boyd, George Dzundza, Albert Macklin, Bill Allen, Paul Lazar, B.J. Cleveland
Adolf Hitler
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Soldier Richie tells soldier Martin, referring to Sgts. Rooney and Cokes, "Those two nuts are playing war again."
Martin tells soldier Carlyle, ”I slit my wrist.”
Martin tells soldier Billy, ”I cut my wrists. I slashed them, and Richie is pretending I didn't do it.” (0:04)

Soldier Roger asks Billy, referring to an officer, "Man, what is this crazy man talking about?" (0:12)

Roger asks Billy, "Yeah, well who ain't nervous?"
Billy, referring to homosexual men, ”They're so crazy they can't see nothing but themselves and these goddamn games they're always playing.” (0:16)

Carlyle tells Roger, "I heard Hitler was a Jew, too." (0:19)

Richie tells Billy, "You with all your wit and intelligence..."
Billy: ”It's just like when North Korea invaded South Korea, or when Hitler invaded Poland and all them other countries.”
Roger: ”Well, you know there’s people saying that LBJ is a Hitler, not a Ho Chi Minh at all.”
Billy: ”I mean, old LBJ is Hitler.” (0:24)

Sgt. Cokes tells Sgt. Rooney, "I've been falling down cuz I'm drunk. I'm drunk all the time." (0:43)

Billy: "You know the way a real bad cat can sometimes do that, have a nice little girl who's crazy about him...?... He was hooked... He was hooked." (0:48)

Billy tells Roger, "Then all of a sudden, some neighbor goes mad as a Hatter." (0:54)

Billy answers Carlyle, "Tell you where you work, idiot." (1:05)

Roger tells Billy, "I think you're getting a little too nervous."
”Sex, drugs, danger, danger.”
Billy, referring to Carlyle: ”I just told you the man's crazy.” (1:09)

Carlyle tells the others that his father told him, "Your mama, she's crazy."
Carlyle tells them that he told his father,”Don't you be calling my mama crazy, you hear? Don't you call my mama crazy, Daddy.” (1:17)

Carlyle asks Billy, "The... you so uptight for, huh?"
Carlyle tells Richie, referring to Billy, ”Bastard ruined my mood. He ruined my mood, man.” (1:24)

Rooney: "Everybody drunk, huh?" (1:31)

Lt. Townsend tells an MP, "That man over there said some nigger went crazy with a knife." (1:35)

Richie tells the MP, referring to Carlyle, "He went crazy." (1:37)

Cokes tells Richie and Roger, “Rooney starts laughing like crazy." (1:42)