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Street Scene

CastEstelle Taylor, David Landau, Sylvia Sidney, William Collier, Jr., and Beulah Bondi
Year released1931
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Emma Jones tells her husband Vincent, "Well, don't be coming home lit all hours of the morning." (0:18)

Emma tells the others, referring to student Sam Kaplan, "Well he must be off his nut too." (0:23)

Rose’s boss Bert Easter: "Rose, I'm just crazy about you."
”I tell you, I'm clean off my nut about you.”
Emma tells Rose, ”I think your father's been kind of worried about you.”(0:25)

Sam’e teacher sister Shirley tells Rose, "Thank goodness in 2 weeks school closes otherwise I think I'd go crazy." (0:49)

Newspaper headline referring to Rose’s father Frank: "Slays Wife and Lover" (1:03)

Emma tells Rose, "Well you're liable to go into a faint or something."
Rose talks about her murdered mother Anna. (1:07)

Her father Frank tells Rose, "I just went clean off me nut, that's all."
Rose: ”You don't need to worry about me.”
”Don't worry about that, Pop.”
Rose tells Shirley, ”Don't worry about Sam.” (1:11)

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