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CastClemens Scheitz, Eva Mattes, Bruno S.
Year released1977
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Musician Bruno Stroszek tells the prison official, "... He’ll be swept away into the closed asylum..."
Official: ”Bruno, if you don’t stop... drinking... they’ll say Bruno is addicted, and put you in a detention center.”
”Promise that you will never touch another drop of alcohol.”
”Never touch another drop of alcohol...” (0:07)

Pimp Burkhard strikes prostitute Eva in the face. (0:12)

The other pimp, referring to Bruno: "... please rid me of this cretin..." (0:25)

The pimps drag Eva by her hair. (0:28)

The other pimp asks Bruno, "Are you out of your mind, you idiot?" (0:33)

Eva’s face shows evidence of injuries. (0:38)

Scheitz tells Eva and Bruno, "Animal magnetism, as described by Mesmer, can now be measured by me..."
”Animal magnetism is now called hypnosis...” (1:03)

Eva tells Bruno, "Don’t worry." (1:07)

Eva tells Bruno, "Don’t worry." (1:11)

Bruno tells Eva, referring to being kicked around, "But they do it mentally."
”... that’s the emotional pain...” (1:15)

Debra Eva asks Bruno, "Are you crazy?" (1:23)

Bruno appears intoxicated. (1:24)

Did Bruno kill himself?

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