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Stuck on You (2003)

Matt Damon, Greg Kinnear, Eva Mendes, Seymour Cassel, Cher
Woody Allen | Ivan Pavlov
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Diner: "You idiot!" (0:05)

Restaurant owner Robert Tenor asks his conjoined twin brother Walter, "Aren’t you a little bit nervous?"
”You’re not even a little bit nervous?”
Walt: ”What’s there to be nervous about?”
Walt: ”You’re not going to have a panic attack on me?”
”You’re having a panic attack.” (0:14)

Walt, on stage: "... you’d have to be deluded to the point of derangement..." (0:12)

Robert tells the others, referring to Walt, "He wants to do a musical version of Bonnie and Clyde." (0:13)

Bob tells Walt, "I know I freaked out yesterday..." (0:15)

Bob and Walt sing We’re Off to See the Wizard. (0:18)

Hotel clerk Moe tells Bob and Walt, referring to his wife, "That psycho-midget’s been riding my ass to finish this screenplay..." (0:21)

Bob tells Walt, "I mean, how do we know the producers of The Lion King aren’t looking for some conjoined hyenas...?"
”Hey, don’t worry about anything.” (0:26)

Walt tells Bob, "It’s called Pavlov’s Dog." (0:35)

Bob has a panic attack.
Bob tells Walt, referring to Bob’s Internet friend May Fong: ”We’re gonna freak her out.” (0:36)

Walt tells Bob and May, "Hey, you guys remember that Woody Allen movie. I think it was Annie Hall..."
Bob tells May, ”You’re having a panic attack.”
Bob: ”I freak out, too.”
May: ”You really have panic attacks?” (0:40)

Bob tells May, "I was less nervous about it." (0:43)

Bob asks Walt, "So what’s this Pavlov’s Dog about, anyway?" (0:45)

Cher tells her manager Howard, "This TV show makes Touched by an Angel look like Trainspotting." (0:46)

Bob asks Walt’s makeup artist, "What exactly is Pavlov’s Dog about anyway?"
”Pavlov’s dog” repeated. (0:49)

Howard asks Cher, "What are you, friggin’ nuts?" (0:50)

Bob tells May, referring to earthquakes, "They like freak me out. What’s with all these maniacs who, like, live on the cliffs...? These people are out of their minds." (0:55)

Bob tells the director Griffin Dunne, "I am a little nervous" (1:00)

Walt’s character tells Cher’s, "I won it off some drunk in a poker game..."
Cher’s character: “That drunk happens to be my ex-husband.” (1:04)

Walt tells Bob, "Don’t worry."
Walt’s agent Morty O’Reilly: ”Don’t worry, boys.” (1:09)

Walt tells talk show host Jay Leno, referring to Bob, "His memory’s so bad, I just always tell him it’s his turn."
Bob: ”My memory is not bad.” (1:11)

Bob asks Walt, "Are you crazy?" (1:16)

Walt tells Bob, "This is crazy." (1:18)

A policeman tells Bob, "You've been charged with a D.U.I."
”... you’re both legally drunk.” (1:19)

Mort tells Bob and Walt, "If you guys go ahead with this, you’re committing career suicide." (1:26)

Cher: "Are you crazy, Walt?" (1:40)