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Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, James Gleason, Nancy Gates, Willis Bouchey, Kim Charney, James O'Hara, Paul Frees
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Poster for Beachhead (0:02)

Young Peter “Pidge” Benson, III tells Sheriff Tod Shaw, "It’s because of my father being killed in the war." (0:03)

Tod tells Ellen Benson, "It’s been over three years since Pete died." (0:04)

Telegraph operator Ed Hawkins tells Tod, "Sheriff Tod Shaw... confidential code hangover..."
By telephone, Tod tells a state policeman, ”The code word is hangover.”
Hawkins: ”It says confidential.” (0:08)

Chief Secret Service Agent Dan Carney tells Tod, "Hangover." (0:11)

Deputy Sheriff Slim Adams tells Tod, "I’m confused myself."
Tod: ”Just don’t worry about it.” (0:18)

Assassin John Baron tells Ellen’s father-in-law Peter “Pop” Benson, "That’s confidential information."
Baron: ”That’s your worry, Mr. Benson.”
Pop: ”It’s everybody’s worry.” (0:26)

Tod asks Baron, "Doesn’t that worry you?"
Baron: ”Haven’t got time to worry.” (0:39)

Television repairman Jud Hobson tells Baron, "That gun makes me nervous, mister." (0:44)

Baron tells Ellen, "My old man was a dipso." (0:46)

Jud asks Baron, "Are you guys crazy?" (0:48)

Baron tells Tod, "I used to dream about the crowd once in a while." (0:49)

Tod tells Baron, "Section 8. You went out on a Section 8. Psycho in charge of killing, huh?" (1:02)

Baron strikes Pops on the head with his gun, rendering him unconscious. (1:11)

Pops tells a Secret Service agent, "Oh, don’t worry about me, Mr. Wilson." (1:13)