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Suddenly, Last Summer

Elizabeth Taylor, Katharine Hepburn, Montgomery Clift, Albert Dekker, Mercedes McCambridge, Gary Raymond, Mavis Villiers, Patricia Marmont, Joan Young, Maria Britneva, Sheila Robbins, David Cameron
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Sign: "Lions View State Asylum." (0:01)

Patients in a psychiatric hospital day room. (0:02)

Psychiatrist Hockstader addresses students observing a surgical procedure, referring to the operating theater: "The first to be devoted to psychosurgery in the state... a lobotomy on the brain of a woman suffering from acute schizophrenic withdrawal." (0:03)

Wealthy widow Violet tells neurosurgeon John, referring to the death of her son Sebastian, "I'm in mourning." (0:10)

John answers Violet, "Lobotomy."
Violet, referring to her niece, Catherine: "It's a custodial home for the insane. She suffers from something called dementia praecox."
John: "Dementia praecox?"
Violet: "Which is to say, she's mad as a Hatter..."
John: "Actually, dementia praecox is a meaningless phrase." (0:13)

John tells Violet "You say that your niece suffers from dementia praecox. There must have been a more exact diagnosis."
Violet, imagining the diagnosis as the Latin name for a flower: "Night-blooming dementia praecox."
"Madness. Obsession, memory. She lacerates herself with memory."
"Visions, hallucinations."
"Fantastic delusions..."
John: "Relieved of anxiety, yes, but limited."
Violet: "Forgive me if I sound quite mad." (0:19)

Catherine's mother Grace mentions Violet's "hysterical seizures."
Violet: "I have never had an hysterical seizure..."
"... because madness is the most horrible doom..."
Violet tells John, referring to Catherine, "It was that day... that she lost her mind." (0:29)

Kathryn tells John, "That's why I'm in isolation."
"After all, I'm insane. It's the sort of thing an insane woman would do."
"Because I didn't respond to treatment."
"The state asylum."
"I don't see how anyone could hate and still be sane, and I really do think that I am sane..."
"Poor Aunt Vi was hooked from the beginning."
John: "To the first memory you come to."
Catherine: "I was taken there by some boy who was... drunk..." (0:38)

John asks Catherine, "That shadow on the wall. What does it look like to you?" Projective testing?
Catherine: "You see, afterward I was hysterical... I don't even remember..."
"I hear that music. I still hear it."
"I can't remember." (0:47)

Hockstader tells John about "psychosurgery..."
John: "Some dreadful traumatic experience..."
Hockstader: "You can't let the patient wear her own clothes."
John: "I don't want her to feel she's a patient."
Hockstader: "So is insanity." (0:53)

Grace tells her son George, "I'm so nervous..."
"... grieving like a madwoman." (0:55)

John gets Catherine a pack of cigarettes.
George: "Then when the doctors all decided you were really crazy..."
Catherine: "There's only one little operation they perform here... it's called a lobotomy... in cases of hopeless lunacy." (0:58)

Catherine wanders onto a catwalk over the men's day room. (1:02)

Grace tells John, "We were having this little chat about your treatment..."
Catherine asks John: "Now I sound insane, don't I.?"
John: "Insane is such a meaningless word."
Catherine: "But lobotomy has a precise meaning..." (1:04)

John tells Violet, referring to Catherine, "She's been under sedation."
Kathryn tells Violet, "Mama told me how you got her to agree to commit me here..."
Violet walks into a day room full of patients.
Catherine: "And hysterical stroke." (1:12)

Violet swoons.
John tells Hockstader: "She fainted."
Catherine wanders onto a catwalk over the women's day room. Patients giggle as she prepares to jump. A nurse stops her.
Hockstader tells John, "24 hours during which she tried to kill herself."
"... delusions that the world was devouring her..."
"And here's some more of her erotomania."
"And to top it she attempts suicide." (1:19)

Catherine asks John, "The truth serum?" Amytal interview?
John injects Catherine's arm.
John: "Why did you tried to kill yourself?"
Catherine: "I think you're trying to hypnotize me." Family psychotherapy? (1:27)

John asks Katherine, referring to Sebastian, "Did he think he could shock you out of your depression?" (1:38)

Catherine tells John, referring to Sebastian, "And he said, 'Are you mad?'"
"She walked faster and faster in panic."
Catherine recalls how Sebastian died." (1:45)

Violet confuses John for Sebastian. Fregoli phenomenon? (1:50)

Reference in Swimming with Sharks