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Yvonne De Bark, Raoul W. Heimrich
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Narrator: “So you ask what the heck has all this got to do with suicide?”
A man plunges a knife into his stomach.
“Do you remember how the mainstream media dealt with the suicides?... How are the Kosovoers dealing with the suicides?”(0:01)


Man: “Perhaps you’re surprised about the way I want to kill myself... take some pills, but they were made for sleeping, not for dying. It depends on the dosage... If you take an overdose you puke... Did you know that brain damage also remains if you try to hang yourself?... Not to forget to kill yourself with a train... awful mess... and this is also true with shooting yourself... I decided to jump from a high building...”
He cannot go through with it. (0:00)

Man: “I hope that you’re not one of those perverts... I want to make an end to my life.” He plunges a needle into his chest and empties the syringe. (0:09)

The female filmmaker tells the male filmmaker, “Well, shoot your suicide.” (0:15)

A man cuts his wrist with a scalpel. (0:19)

A hose leads from the exhaust into the car where a woman lies dead. (0:21)

A man plunges a knife into his stomach. (0:26)

The female filmmaker tells the male filmmaker, “Sleeping pills.” (0:29)

Two women open prescription bottles. Each washes down one pill at a time then many more with vodka. (0:31)

A man cooks heroin in a spoon, draws it into a syringe, and injects his penis. (0:52)

Petra lies naked in a bathtub of bloody water. A man finds her and wraps her wrists with bandages before calling for an ambulance: “Suicide.” (0:58)

The female filmmaker tells the male filmmaker, “You’re only obliged to help if the suicide victim is unconscious.” (1:01)

Man: “Ever heard of an air injection?”
He prepares a needle and syringe then pushes the air into a vein. The filmmaker smothers him with a pillow. (1:04)

Wearing a backpack full of rocks, a man has the filmmaker handcuff his hands behind his back then push him into the water. (1:13)

A man loads a shotgun, places the muzzle in his mouth. We hear the blast off camera. (1:19)

The male filmmaker steps in front of a truck driven by the female filmmaker. (1:22)