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Suicide Club

Ryô Ishibashi, Masatoshi Nagase, Mai Hôshô, Tamao Satô, Takashi Nomura, Rolly, Yoko Kamon, Kimiko Yo, Hideo Sako, Akaji Maro
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A group of school girls holding hands chant before they jump to their deaths in front of a speeding train. (0:03)

Security guard Jiro tells nurse Yoko, "50 high school girls just threw themselves in front of a train."
Radio reporter: ”There's mass confusion here on the platform.” (0:07)

Nurse Atsuko jumps from an open window. (0:15)

Det. Hagitani asks the others, "A suicide cult?" (0:16)

By telephone, a woman who identifies herself as ‘The Bat’ answers Detective Shibusawa: "You know, the suicides."
The Bat: ”After those 4 suicides the other day...”
”The dots appear before the suicides are reported.”
Woman police officer: ”We've got another suicide.” (0:17)

Newspaper headline: "No end to rash of suicides." (0:24)

A schoolgirl asks others, "Question, what did you think of the suicides?"
Boy: ”Hey, let's all kill ourselves.”
Girl: ”The Suicide Club.”
”We’ll pass out flyers: ‘Join our Suicide Club’.”
Girl: ”Pervert.”
Boy: ”Drug overdose?”
Girl: ”Come watch me kill myself.”
Together, chanting: ”Suicide Club, Suicide Club”
A girl tells another girl standing at the edge of the roof of a tall building, ”You idiot.”
All but 3 jump to their deaths. Two follow. The last one tells other students, “Suicide Club.”
She too jumps to her death. (0:29)

Detective Kuroda: "We're going to have to open a criminal investigation starting with the train suicides."
Detective Murata tells Kuroda, ”You're paranoid. It's a suicide fad.”
Det. Shibusawa: ”Not too worried about a Suicide Club, or kids will be dying everywhere.” (0:34)

Her boyfriend Masa strikes Mitsuko as he falls to his death. (0:35)

Det. Murata asks Mitsuko, "Have you heard of a suicide Club?" (0:36)

Kuroda’s son Toru answers him, "Suicide Club." (0:40)

Kiyoko “The Bat” types into her computer, "I believe the source of all the recent suicides lies somewhere on the Net... To my dear Suicide Club." (0:41)

Toru reads to Kuroda from a Web page, "Spread this message if you want to halt the suicides." (0:42)

By telephone a female caller tells detective Murata, "There is no Suicide Club." (0:46)

By telephone Kuroda answers the female caller, "The suicides." (0:48)

One young man tells another, "You’re sloshed, man." (0:52)

One young woman tells the others, "Kill yourself before you murder someone."
Each puts a noose around her neck: ”To the great beyond.”
They hang themselves. (0:56)

A mother cuts her hand repeatedly with her kitchen knife. (0:58)

A cook takes a drug overdose. (0:59)

A girl place is her head in an oven. (0:59)

Comedian: "You hallucinate.”
Comedian #2: ”Go kill yourself."
Comedian #1 stabs himself in the throat. (0:59)

A young man tells The Bat, "Tell them you were kidnapped by the Suicide Club." (1:03)

Glam punker Genesis: "Welcome to the suicide Club." (1:04)

Kuroda mourns the deaths of his wife and children.
Det. Hagitani tells him, ”This isn't suicide.”
Murata: ”Investigate all suicides until now.”
Kuroda places the muzzle of a revolver in his mouth and shoots himself. (1:09)

Detective: "This is crazy. Really crazy." (1:14)

Genesis types, "I've had delusions of grandeur since I was a child." (1:17)

Reporter: "The group used the internet to call upon people to kill themselves." (1:18)

Mitsuko discovers the word suicide encoded in a photograph.
By telephone a woman tells Mitsuko, ”There is no Suicide Club, you know.” (1:24)