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Suicide Manual

Nozomi Ando, Kei Horie, Ayaka Maeda, Maki Meguro, Kenji Mizuhashi, Chisato Morishita, Yuko Nakamura, Hideo Sakaki
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Title: “The purpose of this movie is to warn people against suicide. It’s intent is not to encourage people to commit suicide.” (0:00)

The opening scene shows bodies lying on the floor in a room with an unvented charcoal fire, pills spilled on the floor and windows sealed with masking tape. (0:01)

Closeups: rope tied in a hangman’s noose, knives, razors, gas valve and tubing, revolver, bottles of pills. (0:03)

Title: “Suicide Notice Board... To those of you who are serious about dying, I will share with you the DVD suicide manual I have made.” (0:04)

His boss Yashiro tells Yû, “Suicide pacts are pretty common.”
Videographer Yû: ”A story on the psychology of youth suicides requires a serious approach.” (0:06)

Yû films a young man: “People who kill themselves must be lacking in confidence.” (0:08)

Yû asks a woman, “Recently... a bunch of people committed suicide together.” (0:09)

Yû asks a girl, “When they killed themselves?”
Girl referring to Rickie: “Those who use the suicide notice board know who she is.”
”I was wondering if I should mourn them somehow... Before the suicide she sent me this.” (0:15)

Yashiro tells Yû he has arranged for him to meet “A specialist in suicide spirits.”
Yû: “What the hell’s a suicide spirit?” (0:21)

Rickie, on DVD: “It’s only humans that have the right to commit suicide.”
Rickie demonstrates suicide by hanging. Four girls hang by their necks.
Closeup of pills and white powder.
”Any pill has an addictive dose. Some doctors say only drugs that can kill are true drugs, but all drugs can kill.”
”With this method of suicide most people jump in front of trains. At the same time this method of suicide is also one of the most brutal. This is... Mecca of train-related suicides.” (0:23)

The girl stands on the ledge of the tall building where Yû works. (0:29)

Rickie: “When jumping off of tall buildings...” (0:32)

Man lying dead with a pistol in one hand. (0:33)

A psychic tells Yû and Yû’s assistant Rie, “Suicide spirits have been on the increase recently.”
Yû: “Suicide spirits?”
Psychic: “The souls of victims become suicide spirits and cannot leave this world. Often they possess people and lead them to suicide too. Suicide spirits don’t know they have possessed a person... with this person’s own soul they commit suicide again.”
Referring to a girl, “She was possessed by a suicide spirit too. Murdered her boyfriend, but botched her suicide, and the boyfriend came back to possess her... Even if they manage to leave this world the souls of suicides will go to the third hell. Never commit suicide.” (0:35)

The first girl calls Yû from the edge of the roof of a tall building. (0:37)

As Yû arrives she jumps to her death. (0:38)

Yashiro tells Yû, “A suicide where you work... You’re no different from those assholes that kill themselves... They have the will to kill themselves, but you don’t have the courage to die... Earlier today some cop shot himself at the station, the cop in charge of the mass suicide case... The word is all these suicides had been watching some weird DVD.” (0:40)

Yû reads an email message from Rickie: “Please come to the suicide meeting tomorrow night.” (0:46)

Title: “Suicide machine A”
Rickie: “In ancient Buddhist India where suicide was taboo, cautionary writings circulated.”
Four people sit with machines on their heads which appear to activate, beheading them. (0:46)

Rickie: “Getting lost in the woods is the perfect method if you want to commit suicide away from prying eyes.” (0:47)

A group of young people brought together by Rickie discuss suicide methods: “Sleeping pills might be tricky.”
Man: ”Not if we take sleeping pills first.”
Girl: ”Sleeping pills...”
Yû: “Why do you want to commit suicide?”
Man: “You people are crazy.”
He drinks cyanide and appears to die. (0:50)

Before dropping them off Yû tells two girls from the group, “If you promise not to kill yourselves, I’ll pay for your hotel tonight.”
Yû sees scars on the wrist of one of them. Feeling drowsy he says, ”You drugged my coffee.”
One of the girls prepares to cut his throat with a razor. (0:55)

Yû finds the bleeding bodies of the girls in a tree. (0:59)

Yû tells Yashiro, “I’m obsessed with the idea of killing myself... I’ve tried to kill myself many times.”
”If I do commit suicide, will you investigate the causes behind it? (1:00)

Yû asks a producer, “But why a suicide manual?”
Producer: “City Hall ordered it to prevent suicides among young people. Suicide’s become pretty popular recently, right?”
He plays the DVD.
Rickie: “So if you get depressed, watch this DVD, and you’ll be happy again.”
Title: “Suicide Help Center”
Yû: “This is the suicide manual?”
Producer: “... even the suicide maniacs like it.”
Yû: ”The suicide manual I saw was like that.”
”And it had real footage of someone jumping in front of a train.”
Producer, referring to his employee Ms. Risa Mayama: “She committed suicide a year ago.” (1:03)

Title: “Suicide Machine D” (1:06)

Rie slumps next to Yû bleeding from an apparently self-inflicted neck wound. Yû grieves. (1:08)

Rie tells Yû, “Let’s die together.” (1:11) 

Yû replays the psychic’s words: “The souls of suicide cases become suicide spirits... possess people and lead them to suicide... Suicide spirits are very highly strung.”
Images of suicides. (1:17)

Yû activates a suicide machine and appears to die. (1:22)